Alternative Horror

Putzel (70)

mother! was terrifying not least because it featured the worst social situation imaginable: the unannounced guest. As Mother longed for the quiet cocoon of her life to go back to normal, stranger upon stranger appeared at her door, ate her food and ran riot through the picture perfect order.

This got me to thinking about the things that give me daily anxiety and how they could be used in a horror setting.

  • Tights – a B-movie in the vein of Rubber but with ravenous plus-size hosiery
  • Mansplaining: the movie – a slasher but the antagonist just wants to explain at great length why Lady Ghostbusters was pointless to his female victims
  • Doctor Doctor – you have seven days to get past reception and make an appointment or… you die (sorry)
  • Drink? – a home invasion but it’s that friend you keep bumping into and suggesting a drink to every three months, in your home

You? šŸŽƒšŸŽƒšŸŽƒ

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