Halloween Digest #3


What I’m into this week – A Televisual Special for your October evenings.



Netflix has recently released this 1970’s set FBI drama about two agents expanding their psych knowledge with a little help from some real life serial killers. I’m two episodes in so far and it’s looking good – very much up my street.

And several of the episodes are David Fincher directed too, which can’t hurt. I’m getting a Zodiac vibe so far (which may be lazy thinking on my part) but I’m expecting good things.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Season 3

YASS! Rebecca Bunch is back and she’s PISSED OFF. Freshly jilted at the altar by her one true love (?) Josh Chan, our neurotic fave is out for serious revenge. She’s also vamping it up with new dark hair and a film noir wardrobe – and I for one am loving it.

Episode one reintroduces Rebecca back into society after several weeks away licking her wounds. Her friends are delighted to have her back but are bemused when her desire for revenge is not aptly represented by the strength of her ideas (poo in a box, anyone?). Thankfully she’s soon back on track and thinking like the lawyer she is.

I love this show and my highlight from the first episode is the song generalising about men. Because, MEN.


Riverdale, Season 2

Riverdale is popcorn viewing at its best and is the ideal show to put on of a blustery October evening. It’s just so good-looking (here’s looking at you, Skeet Ulrich) and glossy. Sure, it’s a little bit dark with a cut-rate Twin Peaks vibe which keeps us intrigued but we’re all really here for the handsome cast, aren’t we?

Just me?

What are you digging?

3 thoughts on “Halloween Digest #3

  1. Grrrrrrrrrl, you’ve been blogging up a storm! Excited to catch up with your posts!
    I looooooooooove this season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend so much. I was pretty much crying laughing at the latest ep’s song about the buzzing in the bathroom. So brilliant.
    Also really digging Dirk Gently even though there’s not nearly enough Bart screen time. Love the new cop characters and the witch and whatever is going on with that Pythonesque fantasy dimension.
    I’ve mostly been watching Riverdale in the background this season TBH, but I still want to know what happens. They seem to have ramped up the teen drama instead of the dark mystery element, so I’m not quite as interested. God, I love Cheryl, though.

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    1. Thanks boo! Blogtober, innit! Yeah agree about Riverdale, it’s a bit angsty but like you say good background and there’s something comforting about it.LOVE Cheryl too, she’s wonderful.

      I haven’t started Dirk up yet but only ‘cos there’s so much going on at the moment, I’ll have more time when I’ve completed my 31 in 31 self-challenge! I’ve got so much to read too.

      Loving CEG always, it’s brilliant and so fun. I adore the depiction of Rebecca Bunch, she’s so relateable. I love that they don’t shy away from talking about their insecurities, depression and being anxious and unhinged – plus, the self-awareness. It’s the best xo


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