Yet Another Horror Questionnaire


What’s Blogtober without a little horror questionnaire, eh? I’ve also been stuck for ideas today so here’s a little quiz I found on the internet*. This week’s film review will be up tomorrow.

How old are you?


What’s your favourite aspect of a horror film?

I’m all for heads rolling and guts spilling but I also like a good story, call me old-fashioned. Sure, Freddy Vs. Jason isn’t expected to deliver a nuanced narrative but I do like it when I’m presented with something fresh like The Babadook, that makes me think in a different way. Or at the very least, a modern twist on a traditional theme, like It Follows – which I found genuinely petrifying.


What scares you the most in a horror film?

I think ghosts are the scariest, then home invasions. I’ve a huge soft spot for the Paranormal Activity films because they genuinely make the hairs on the back of my neck rise and stop me from sleeping, even if they started to slip in quality towards the end of the franchise.

I remember The Others freaked me out so much when it came out that I needed people to come to the loo with me – and The Blair Witch Project did the same. That ending is burned into my brain forever.

In a trailer for a horror film, what would entice you to go and see the film?

Anything deeply twisted or a little bit different. Although, who am I kidding, I’m usually up for most things, even if I’ve seen it hundreds of times. Home invasion? Cool. Found footage? I’m in.

I won’t lie though, I like horror with a strong female protagonist!


Within a horror, what’s your favourite genre?

It is very hard to pick. I love it all. Psychological, a great creature feature – there’s a place for all of it. I guess I don’t like anything too gratuitous, which I’ll go into below. And as above, I love a good ghost story.

What do you dislike about horror films?

I really do not enjoy the rape revenge sub-genre, and I don’t like torture porn either. Hostel is a prime example of a what could have been an interesting premise, destroyed by making it into a soft porno. Like, I get it: boobs are nice to look at, I agree but why not cut down on the chicks in white cotton pants slow mo shots and focus on making the film good? Disappointing.

Oh and I get so hacked off when a film plays its hand too soon and shitty special effects. I’m not talking Tom Savini film effects, I mean just disappointing monsters and demons. See The Conjuring 2‘s nasty nun.


What’s your all time favourite horror film and why?

I’ve got two: Candyman and Hellraiser.

Candyman because it was the first film to truly terrify me after Jaws and I really enjoy the folk-lore of the story. Virginia Madsen‘s Helen is mesmerising to watch and it feels so topical, 25 years later in terms of its comments on race, white privilege, poverty. Man, I’m definitely watching it again this week.

And Hellraiser is pure perfection. Pinhead (Doug Bradley) is firmly up there with the best of the horror icons and Claire Higgins‘ Julia is the most deliciously evil and self-serving movie step mother of all time. I couldn’t love her more.

I will never tire of either.

Do you feel that documentary style horror films such as the Blair Witch Project are more effective than purely fictional horror films such as Saw and why?

I don’t think they are more effective although if done well they can really immerse you in the terror, like Paranormal Activity did. I really have a soft spot for found footage actually but I think those films can be as effective as fictional horror films. I guess it depends on the films. Lame-o answer, sorry but I’ve got nothing else.


What puts you off watching a horror film the most?

As above, anything sexually gratuitous, shit actors who are also shitty characters I don’t care about, horrible effects, crappy monsters/demons/ghosts, stupid twists, obvious jump scares and rape revenge fantasies (unless they’re done very well). I hate puke too and also animal torture, like can we just not anymore? It’s such a cheap shot.

What do you expect to see when watching a horror film?

Nothing really. Something interesting and if not scary then at least interesting or a bit twisted. Going into any horror I always think: “Scare me please”. So scare me, please!

Three of the worst horror films ever made?

I’m not doing ever, I’m going to do of recent times:

  1. The Black Room
  2. Annabelle
  3. Cat Sick Blues


Three of the best horror films ever made?


  1. Candyman
  2. Hellraiser
  3. The Devil’s Rejects (or The Blair Witch Project? Shiiit!)

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like watching horror films?

10/10, my very favourite hobby.

Feel free to do the questionnaire yourselves, horror fans.

*I can’t remember where hence no credit given. Sorry!

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