Level 41

It’s that time of the year again. Time to gaze into the navel of my birthday and give thanks to the past year. This isn’t quite as epic a milestone as last year obviously but it’s still been a pretty sweet ride. 

40 has been good to me. I’ve done a lot of cool things, including two trips, fallen in love with Margate and spent a lot of time with a lot of good people. I’ve made some great new friends, enjoyed time with old ones – I’ve had fun at work, put myself forward for a new role which didn’t work out (but I’m quite pleased about that). I’ve been creative, I’ve been lazy – I’ve spent a lot of money, faced some fears, cried some tears. It’s been a well-rounded year and I’m grateful for it. 

I love my life and even when I put myself down for being old (every single day of my life), I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m a wise woman with a wealth of life experience and better still, I’m still learning every day. I might be who I am but there’s always room to undulate and grow.

Here’s to reaching Level 41 tomorrow. I can only hope that it’s as eventful and as fun as the last. 



I am 3


Hello there!

A Voluptuous Mind turned 3 on Friday so welcome to the annual birthday post! I’m probably just going to freestyle this bad boy rather than follow any sort of structure this year which is part laziness/part not really having my head in the game – but I think that’s cool. (See previous years 1 & 2).

So! Three, eh? I wish I could remember what I was doing at three. I had a newish baby brother so back then that would have been the most exciting thing going down in my world. If we could time travel back, you would probably find me obsessed with two things: Papa Smurf and Wonder Woman. Unless that came just a little bit later in life. Remembering is hard, man.

But three is a good old age. It’s the age that people start telling you kids get interesting, with more defined personalities. I feel the same way about this blog in some ways. I’ve always had a voice sure, but since I stopped worrying about not having a ‘theme’ or definite manifesto, I’ve been having more fun.


I love the things I talk about and I think the only thing I really want to apply to future posts is more candidness. The things that have happened over the last fortnight with my Mother-in-Law have changed my outlook, I swear and I’m entering the next phase of life with a more devil-may-care attitude. All that means is more honesty, more carefully picked fucks and a shit ton more swearing – but I’m really looking forward to being more open.

Jill and I will continue to review films with more emphasis on the kind of movies that made us want to do this in the first place – the bad ones. Apart from that, no plans, just doing.

So here’s to A Voluptuous Mind’s Level 3 – I’m ready to kick some fucking arse, yo!

Who’s with me? ❤

Level Up


I’ve decided to do something a little different to mark my birthday this year and that is to not be negative at all, rather celebrate what James refers to as ‘Levelling Up’. Nice way to look at it, non?

Levelling up is basically accepting that you’re a year older and therefore have more experience under your belt, have (hopefully) achieved a few things and are generally just more awesome than you were a year ago. That’s what I’m taking from it anyway.

I’m going to take that line of thinking a little further and look back on a few personal highlights from the last year, because it’s my birthday and my blog. So there. (There will be pictures).

Since I turned 38 I have:

Become more sociable

Something happened earlier this year and I stopped saying ‘no’ so much. I started saying ‘sure’ to more unusual pursuits, like amateur theatre, the cabaret, pub on a Friday night and it feels good. I plan to continue and enjoy this side of myself, because there’s plenty of time for Netflix and Chill when I’m dead.

(I’m greatly exaggerating this statement of course, what I mean to say is, there’s room for both).

Met Aroe

I finally met the graffiti artist I admire the most and now he recognises me. This seems a small thing but to me it’s a huge ‘un. Was I cool and aloof when we met? Oh hell no. I wore my adoration firmly on my sleeve and he was so sweet about it. Better for him to meet the real me though, right? One day I just know we’ll be BFFs and I’ll hold his spray cans.

Become ‘heavily’ tattooed

This is a funny one because to most people I was already heavily covered but I didn’t feel that way about myself. Until my mermaid in September. Now I’ve committed to two full sleeves (a work in progress) and I needed a moment to come to terms with that.

Sometimes I get tattooed impulsively but for the most part, every piece is another step towards body acceptance and I love each and every one of them. Some more equally that others.

Made new friends

I hung out with some awesome new people, including amazing Sian and the heavenly Lorna who are both body positive goddesses who
inspire me to look at myself closely and say “You know what? I’m amazing too!”. Invaluable.

Co-hosted a podcast

I was hardly going to fail to mention what I would class as my biggest achievement this year. Sometimes I just can’t believe how nonplussed I’ve personally been about putting myself out there the way we have. That’s massively down to the friendship I have with James, who suggested it and has made every episode a joy to record. I don’t ever want it to end.

Met Jill

I met my Blog wife in the flesh and it was amazing. She’s amazing. Love you girl! Next time I’m coming to you to eat all the food and pester Bertha Mason.

Life montage ❤


Here’s to the level 39, eh? Which at this stage feels like a key level with a big boss to defeat at the end (the big 4-0) but believe me, I’m ready.

Happy Birthday Me! ❤

Happy Birthday Wifey

27111_1228747645578_140719_nAs if I could let this weekend go by without wishing my blog wife Jill, of the awesome blog The Pink Panther Snips Again a very happy birthday (for yesterday).

This weekend has been really lovely for me celebrating my anniversary, and it’s even better to know a day of special significance to me is also a special Jill Day too.

What can I say about our amazing birthday girl? I feel so thankful that we’ve become good friends through our blogs. Our weekly collab keeps me focused on writing, even when it’s a review of a really disappointing movie (Monkey’s Paw), or I don’t feel like it.

(Incidentally, I’ve just found Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre (2015) starring Traci Fucking Lords so that must go on the list!)

It’s more than that though and I feel very lucky to be getting the opportunity to meet Jill in the flesh in less that a month! So, to you Jill, I say:

Thank you for coming into my life. I’m looking forward to buying you a birthday dinner and maybe even a cocktail or two next month!

Happy birthday, gurl! ❤