Remember December


This time last year I was obviously not feeling it (must be an annual funk) so I decided to mark each day in December with a life affirming truth nugget, or at least something with a good vibe. I don’t want to say it was only aimed at the girls who read my blog or anything, but they were definitely my target audience as I addressed all manner of subject matter including having nice hair, keeping your crown up and fucking your haters (no, not like that).

God knows 2016 has done a number on all of us (taken Alan Rickman for a start, which will not make Christmas easy). The annual Die Hard/Love Actually double bill will never be the same. Not to mention all the hate and conflict bobbing around the world, I’m going to continue the tradition.

So I hope you will join me this month for your daily affirmation. Let’s share the love this season because what else can we do? Normal service will continue alongside this series, so don’t think you’ll miss out on any horrifying Christmas reviews, because you will not.

See you tomorrow!

And remember this: You are enough and you are fucking fabulous. You always have been and you always will be. ❤