Repost: A Few Pop Culture Blogs Worth a Looksie by This, On Purpose

Now for something incredibly lazy to mirror the kind of Sunday I’m having.

A simple sharing of Kenzie’s post, outlining some of the blogs she’s been digging recently. I’m chuffed to be included with my bae, and stoked to have a whole new pool of like-minded blogs and writers to explore. This is what I’ve been doing in bed since 9am in a nutshell…

I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of a well worn classic to start the week right. More guest posts are also on the horizon, so I hope you’ve been enjoying those as much as I have.

Until then, my pretties… ❤

I’d a bit of inspiration generated by the Daily Post prompt “admire”. In all of my browsing of the pop culture blogs I read regularly, I thought, why not generate an entry to all of them so that others may enjoy them, too… So here they are, in no particular order… The Telethon Runner: She […]

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A Visit in Pictures

PicMonkey Collage

As you know, Jill visited me this week and we did shit loads of sightseeing around Brighton together.

I’ve been particularly lazy this weekend as we’ve been on the go (G and I) since last Sunday, so I haven’t blogged much (that will change though, have no fear). Have some pictures instead.

Sorry if you follow me on social media and have seen all these already.

From L-R, Top – Bottom:

  1. Some cool graff I saw near the Open Market
  2. Chilling at Presuming Eds
  3. More graff on Presuming Eds’ garden terrace
  4. The Dolphins fountain at Brighton Square
  5. An art installation in the Brighton Pavilion Gardens
  6. We saw this which culminated in an impressive light show projected onto the front of the Pavilion that night (couldn’t get an amazing shot)
  7. Chilling at the end of a very nice day…
  8. A delish coffee meringue with coffee cream at The Mock Turtle. Yumma
  9. Cute flowers outside L’Occitane
  10. Chilling at the Rock Garden after a visit to Preston Park Manor for the Folklore, Magic and Mysteries exhibit
  11. Breakfast at my very favourite haunt, LangeLees. Genuinely the best pancakes ever
  12. Couldn’t resist a #selfie in the gorgeous afternoon light
  13. Brighton Pier, baby
  14. Always spying street art, this one is apt for an over-apologiser like me
  15. Blog wives ❤ (Miss her already)
  16. The Doughnut on Brighton Beach

It’s been an amazing week off and I’m sort of dreading going back to work tomorrow, even though I secretly enjoy a bit of routine. Plus I get to see my friends.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the wonderful weather, wherever you are ❤

Definitely May(be) & My June/July Pledge

Artist’s rendition of what Jill and I will look like hanging out

May looks set to be a very packed month round these parts. I’ve already chalked off my first social engagements (which went swimmingly) and can now start looking forward to the arrival of a very special guest indeed.

Clue: it’s not the Queen of England. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more exciting than that!

I’m thinking you’ll get a lot of social media updates about the penultimate week in May when Jillian and I are finally together so maybe we’ll get creative on that front and wow you with something different. Or maybe we’ll just eat lots, go and see lots, and watch lots. That’s more likely tbh.

I can’t say much other than I’m really starting to get excited about the whole visit. Although, not so excited about the extensive Spring cleaning I will have to do before our home is fit for guests (You’re worth it Jill).

I’d also like to take a moment in this post to lay down my pledge for the next few upcoming months (if it’s in writing I have to do it right?):

From the 1st of June to the 31st July 2016 I, Christa Bass, will not shop

Since that is rather a bold statement, I will elaborate below.

During the month of June and July 2016:

  • I cannot buy: shoes, clothing, accessories or books
  • I may only buy essentials which include: my base make-up items, shampoo/conditioner, moisturiser and nail polish remover*
  • I can buy gifts for other people but only if required/authorised by my credit card holder (which will be Glynn, who I have chosen as he’s closest)
  • I will remove my credit card details from all my most visited shopping sites which is pretty much just ASOS
  • I will use put money I would ordinarily spend onto my credit card and then into our savings account
  • I am allowed to have my hair and nails done because that comes out of the well-being budget (LOL, loopholes!)
  • Instead of spending money during these months, I will read books from my To Read pile, blog and go to the gym at least 3 times a week

Now I don’t think any of you realise what a profound effect this will have on my day-to-day life as I am such a prolific shopper. Like, I have a very real addiction and I want to try to shake it. I shop alllllll the time and have a package delivered to work nearly every day (if not multiple packages).

I send back a lot of things which is great practice but I do get a big kick out of the initial purchase and receiving of items, which makes me think I need to find another outlet. I don’t know what that outlet is but I’m going to try and find out. I’m hoping it will be working out (for the endorphins not weight loss, yo) and blogging more.

So there you are. An exciting month coming up, with two months of sensible behaviour to follow. I think that’s a good balance.

Until then, my friends, it’s business as usual on the blog and in my life. We’ve had some sad news on G’s side of the family which means we’ll be travelling up north in the next week or so but apart from that, same old.

What are you most looking forward to in May/the Summer? ❤

*Includes female products, cotton wool, etc of course but who wants to list every little thing?

I’m standing top the bright lit city and I’ll take your hand and pick you up

I’m sure there’s a rule in the Social Media Handbook somewhere about reblogging compliments. IDEK.

I’ve shared the lovely Lydia’s post anyway because I feel so strongly about the Girl Power element to this series of posts. A little while back she sent me a questionnaire about Feminism and other topics which I answered as truthfully as possible. Some of the questions really got me thinking and it was all quite emotional.

I hope you enjoy both the questions themselves and my answers.

Girl Power forever! ❤

Belle of the Bluegrass

One spring I met Christa at the shop in Brighton’s famous Laines where we were both doing nail art in a tattoo studio. The very tiny upstairs of this shop was packed full of creative and interesting people. The majority of us were women and fantastically strong and talented ones. Christa’s nail art was far superior to mine and I enjoyed watching her work as well as forming a friendship with this forthright woman.
The business fell through but we have kept in contact via social media and supporting one anothers blogging endeavours. A strong willed, funny, creative and smart woman with a penchant for bearded men; Mrs Bass is my kind of lady. A champion of supporting other women, I knew Christa’s answers would be truthful as well as insightful. Enjoy her answers and check out her blog once you’re more acquainted.

Name: Christa Basschrista

Age: 38


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Stealing From Friends: Belle of the Bluegrass on Anxiety

I don’t often reblog but I think perhaps I should start because it’s always nice to share. It also takes the pressure off when you’re going off for the weekend and have forgotten to queue something up in your own words!  (Semi-kidding).

Please read Belle of the Bluegrass‘ post below as it’s frank and beautiful, and I think might come as a great comfort to people who suffer from the same condition.

I’m an anxious person (as are some of my closest friends) and I think it’s incredibly important that conversations about Mental Health, depression and anxiety are open and out there for all to access. Having to play down feelings or be made to feel like they’re trivial is not helpful at all.

Anyway, read and enjoy – and maybe give Lydia some solidarity!

My anxiety has been horrendous this past week, it hasn’t been this bad in a very long time. Multiple daily panic attacks have exhausted me and made me think at certain points, that I am losing my damn mind. I have a phobia of the doctors, but I dragged myself there feeling the weight of […]

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The Sunshine Blogger Award


The Sunshine Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for a blogger award! It’s always nice to receive one of these as it really spreads the love and makes everyone involved feel good. Plus, it’s just lovely to be appreciated every once in a while, innit?

My boo, Tatty very sweetly tagged me so thank you for thinking of me, darling! I will do my best to honour the Award rules, as below:

1. Thank the person who nominated you – Above! ❤
2. Answer the questions from your nominators.
3. Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

Tatty’s questions for me:

1. Why did you start blogging?

My friend Paul started a blog about 15 years ago when we worked together and suggested I do the same. For a little while I only blogged to amuse him, and talked about celebrity stuff and things we were both into (boys and Wonder Woman). I didn’t have a real voice in the early days but my blog got me through a lot of bad times (specifically a horrible relationship).

I can still access my first blog and reading it makes me sad because I sound so cheerful. I wasn’t being true to myself back then at all. I’m much more honest here and am upbeat because I’m genuinely happy, rather than wearing a positive persona.

I also fell in love with writing which is why I love to blog now. Plus, I love film and books, so the three go well together.

2. Who is your biggest supporter/fan?

Tatty is one of my biggest supporters without doubt. I feel as though we bolster each other, especially during stressful periods when we really need it. She might not know this but having her as such a close friend makes me feel more youthful and cooler; and like I can be true to the things I really enjoy, like talking about the Kardashians, fashion and make-up, films we both love and deeper things like our relationships/the future.

My Mum has read my blog from the start and often mentions posts I’ve written when we see each other. She’s also been known to share them with her friends and then tell me their thoughts. Which is wonderful.

Otherwise, I have a lovely support network within the blogging community, including of course, Jill and Hayley Margaret.

I’ve not mentioned the bulk of my friends because I would say they aren’t generally “Sit down and read blogs” types. I’m sure they’re not avoiding reading my thoughts, it’s just not their thing. Which is fine.

My darling husband too is spectacularly supportive about everything I do but doesn’t often ‘read me’, purely because he thinks of my blog as a personal diary and doesn’t want to intrude.

3. What does a day in your life look like?

This is such a hard question to answer! It looks very low key to be honest. I go to work, I come home. In between this I see friends, go to the gym and watch as many films as I possible can.

A typical day is:

Get up, put on face
Go to work
Come home
Go to the gym/meet a friend
Go home, have dinner with G
Watch Netflix/Read

Weekends are for family and being incredibly lazy. That might seem boring but I love my life.

4. What would you not be able to live without?

I would not be able to live without:

The women in my life,
Black eyeliner.

5. What makes you happy?

The above list makes me happy. See also:

Idris Elba’s face,
Peter Serafinowicz‘ voice,
Having a new tattoo,
New lounge wear.

6. Do you believe it fate? If not, what do you believe in?

To a certain extend I do believe some things are meant to be but I don’t believe the whole of our lives are predestined. I think a lot of it is down to good luck and the right timing. My relationship is a testament to that!

I also believe is karma which I can’t back up in any way. Maybe it’s my Mother’s hippy influence but I live by the philosophy of giving positive out to get it back. Not that I do things just to reap the rewards, of course not – but in general I feel better about being positive and open than I do being bitchy and closed off to all the good things in the world.

7. If you could live in any country, where would it be?

If I hadn’t met my husband I would still be happily living in Vancouver, Canada. No question. It’s a great country.

8. What’s your favourite clothes brand?

I love ASOS Curve, Missguided, Pink Clove and boohoo which all do plus size really well. I’m a whole lotta woman so I need a whole lotta room in my garments.

If I were rich I’d dress in only Vivienne Westwood and McQueen because I love fashion as art.

9. What’s your favourite book?

So hard to choose just one so have 5:

Life of Pi,
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (and its sequels),
The Little Stranger,
A Confederacy of Dunces.

Most recently I loved You.

Read them all and then tell me what you think.

10. What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Contrived as this may sound, my biggest achievement is getting out of an abusive relationship (which made me want to die) and living on my own in a strange city. I’m also proud of the way I’ve turned around some personal debt I ran up as an (almost) direct consequence of the same shitty relationship.

11. Lastly, how are you today?

I’m good thanks! Was stressed this morning and ready to give up. But my lovely colleague made me feel better, and now I’m great.

My Nominees:

Jillian of The Pink Panther Snipes Again
Hayley Margaret of A Stitch to Scratch
Cathy of 746 Books
Fannie of Fannie Frankfurter

And any one else who’d like to partake! (Sorry, I’m bad at nominating people).

UPDATE: My Lightle answered these questions here. I only failed to nominate her for an award because I couldn’t remember where she blogged. So consider yourself nommed now, ML. Nommed here and winner of Best Leading Actress in life.

My Questions: 

  1. Who would play you in the made-for-tv movie of your life, and why?
  2. If you had to be stuck in a lift with one person for 12 hours who would it be (it can be anybody, alive or dead)?
  3. If you could only have one album on your MP3 player for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  4. How do you deal with stress? (Asking for a friend)
  5. If you were releasing your own signature scent, what 3 ingredients would you insist on including?
  6. You find £50 on the street, no wallet, no witnesses – what do you do?
  7. What’s your greatest quality?
  8. And your worst? (In your eyes)
  9. Name 3 things you bloody love about your physical appearance – GO!
  10. If you had to sleep with one of the main characters in The Big Bang Theory, who would you pick? (Leonard, Sheldon, Raj or Howard/Penny, Amy or Bernadette? The little Comic Book Guy?)
  11. Are you a Belieber? (Discuss)

Thanks again, Tatty, this was fun! Now I’m looking forward to some answers to my questions. GO GIRLS ❤

Happy Birthday Camelia Ophelia!


Happy birthday to my main girl, Tatty whose wonderful blog, Camelia Ophelia turned 1 today!

I’ve raved about the blog several times throughout this year and I will continue to do so probably until the end of time, or until one of us stops blogging (which I can’t see happening). So you already know I think the world of this girl and love the way she can pull together an outfit.

I love fashion, even though I’m just finding my feet at the age of 38 on what I think looks good on me and what I love, but Tatty is a natural who always looks put together and chic AF. I see this is as an art form, a true extension of a creative mind and get annoyed when people poo-poo fashion lovers and women who love make-up, etc (not that anyone’s doing that here, or I’ll have ’em).


But to me Camelia Ophelia is much more than that. I can hear Tatty’s voice in all her posts and it’s getting stronger, along with the writing. It’s so lovely to see and it’s even nicer to witness other people enjoying it. And of course, she’s one of my most lovely friends and my partner-in-work-and-crime, so obviously she’s an incredible human being!

Anyway, happy birthday my love! Can’t wait to read more.

I’ve also been nominated by Tatty for The Sunshine Blogger Award so I’ll do a post on that over the weekend.

And then I’m going to tag some of you babies in it, so get ready! ❤

Hey Shorty, It’s Your Birthday

I’ve done this before on other significant birthdays (like The Queen, I have two: one for birth, and one for my blog*) and I wanted to mark today in a similar way, just for the sheer heck of it.

Yes, it’s my 38th birthday. Or my eleventh time turning 27, depending on my mood.

I wanted to use this post to shout out some major appreciation to a couple of fellow bloggers and important people in my life.

I shall do this via the medium of a fantasy dinner party. Oh yeah.

So, the guest list (which has evolved a little since my last virtual party), a mix of both IRL peeps and fantasy attendees:

PicMonkey Collage

Tom Hanks – Sorry, but Tom is always invited. No reason needed. In fact, he has his own front door key…

Justin Bieber – Because I’m a Belieber now and IDGAF, K?

Jillian – Not a celeb maybe but one of my greatest influences. Blog Wife, Movie Partner and fellow cat botherer (though I don’t have one at the moment). You’re the best, boo, I love you sooooo much! You can sit next to anyone you like as long as I’m on the other side…

Ilana Glazer – She’s just brilliant, you know? I’d want her to style me half way through dinner though, so we might disappear for a bit.

Hayley Margaret of A Stitch To Scratch – Or HM, as I’ve come to address her, because I’m linguistically lazy. This girl is so sweet and talented, plus just completely up my street, so she’s in. (I ❤ you, HM)

Gaga – I’m currently rocking a rather large Gaga crush so obviously that gets her an invite. I’ll just giggle whenever she speaks to me and make a fool of myself, it’s cool.

My favourite, Tatty Frankland – I honestly don’t know if I’d be able to do what I do without this peach. We sometimes have shitty, stressful days because of our shared environment, but this girl is my sunshine. Nobody is more stylish, generous or cool, tbh. (Love you, bb!).

And, I’ve just realised that there are only two men at my party. I’m cool with that but I’ve decided I’m also inviting Aziz Ansari because he’s cute and I loved Master of None. That balances things out a bit, not that it matters.


I don’t know if any of my honeys have any dietary requirements but I’m proposing a lot of food; yorkshire puddings, Indian with all the trimmings, cake and masses of sweets. Good burgers, too. Oh, and pancakes, of every conceivable shape and flavour.

Can I get a pancake bar? You know what, it’s my birthday, so the answer to that is yes.

We’ll drink mulled cider and rum, and we’ll dance to two albums on repeat: Carly Rae Jepsen’s E·mo·tion and Bieber’s Purpose (the Real Bieber will refuse to perform while he’s off-duty).

Later, when it’s time to cry in the kitchen, we’ll put on Adele’s 25 and ruminate on lost loves and all the times we’ve fucked up our liquid liner.

Basically, this will be the greatest Birthday Party of my life. My husband will obviously be there too, but he’ll no doubt excuse himself and pass out on our bed by 10pm, as usual.

This is more than just a party for me though, it’s a party for those bloggers mentioned. A Thank You For Brightening My Day, Every Day Party.  A Thank You For Inspiring Me Soirée.

Thanks for being such funny fuckers, such sweethearts and such empowering friends. I hope you know what you mean to me.

What? I’ve got something in my eye…

*Does The Queen have a blog? I would read the shit out of it.

Show me your broken heart and all your scars, I’ll take you as you are

I will write my own post today, don’t worry.

I just wanted to share this post by Belle of the Bluegrass, as it’s a powerful one. Take the time to have a read if you can, it’s a relevant topic no matter your size or gender.

Plus, stick around for Belle herself, she’s reet good.

Belle of the Bluegrass

Scrolling through Instagram, admiring all the beautiful people and their enviable lives, I came across an account that had posted a screen shot of an article written for Vice. The title grabbed my eye “How to come to terms with your attraction to fat girls“, if you, like I, are a fat girl I urge you to read this article. It is honest and insightful, in fact I urge you to read it no matter your gender or dress size.
This well written, no woe-is-me post had me interested immediately. As a plus size woman I have often felt marginalised and fetishised. When I was a teenager and even into my early twenties, no one wanted to admit to fancying the fat girl. We are perceived as taboo. Something you wouldn’t tell you mates you searched for on the internet let alone be someone you willingly wanted to…

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The Voice

Bjork (11)It’s been all go this weekend with family visits, free comedy, eating everything in sight and going to see the new Mad Max (look, my view of busy versus yours may be very different, okay?). It will also be all go this coming weekend with a family wedding and some time away from home at my mother’s.

I want some time to sit down and focus on my blogs (this one and my fledgling blog, Graffiti Bridge). It’s an exciting time for the latter, in that it could be something if I can only determine what that might be, and how to get there. I feel like I need a proper plan though, not something cobbled together on the back of a discarded receipt, especially if I want to a) stand out from the crowd and b) approach actual artists and interview them.

But I’m not in any way done with AVM, this blog is part of who I am and I will never not be here, even if attention sways or slows down to a crawl. My weekly collaboration with Jillian is über fun but is also a great way of keeping up with regular posting. I love reviewing films but I don’t want to lose the heartbeat of my blog either, which includes other topics.

I’m definitely flirting with trying on a new medium for size and that might be recording tiny podcasts and embedding them in my reviews (to begin) and then moving them forward. I love the medium and have been enjoying an array of really entertaining ones, including Bangs and a Bun, No Pun Intended and the daddies, Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews lately. I highly recommend them all and also Serial, if you haven’t yet caught it.

I’ve downloaded an Android app called Spreaker Studio which looks easy enough to master and if they work, I’ll probably use Soundcloud. Sounds professional already, right?

So that’s me, looking into phase two for A Voluptuous Mind. I don’t know if it will work, if it will be any good or if anyone will enjoy it but I guess that’s the beauty of trying something new: you just never know.

Until then, have a great week all.