Mum is the Word

This weekend it was my mum’s birthday so Mr Bee and I rode into my home town on several rickety old replacement buses and a wave of good intention.

As soon as we entered Bexhill I felt myself regress back to being the awkward girl of my teenage youth and I sort of enjoy that feeling now. It’s a simpler time and there’s a peace that comes with being back ‘home’.

If I ever got the opportunity to speak to my Past Self I might tell her to chill out because one day I might actually start to appreciate the small town I grew up in.

It was a quiet, family orientated weekend with a birthday cream tea at The Wholesome Cafe for Mum. It was also a bit of a Welcome Home affair for my aunt, who lives in Canada ordinarily and is back for exactly 12 days. When we first emigrated to B.C., Sine was there to put us up and, in her subtle way, tried to talk me out of being in a relationship with the loser I had emigrated with. Thankfully, I eventually did rectify that situation.

We also got to hang with my cousins’ ladies and their kids and it was a very nice time indeed. Plus there was cake and cake might be my most favourite thing in this world.

On Sunday, we took Mum for breakfast and then pottered around Bexhill town in the lovely sunshine. We stopped off at the jewel in Bexhill’s crown (arguably), The De La Warr Pavilion and saw their latest exhibition, I Cheer a Dead Man’s Sweetheart. Some of it was really quite something and some of it… not so much.

I get that art is down to the way a person interprets it and that, an orange knife stuck to a wall might just be an orange knife stuck to a wall to me, to someone else it might answer all their questions about life and the Universe. So one shouldn’t take the mick too much (even though I so did).

We then looked at absolutely stunning beach houses on the front and then we had to go and catch our next series of replacement buses to get home to Brighton. All in all a lovely, satisfying visit.

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