Writing 101: Day 5 – Let Social Media Inspire You

By Kate Ducker and Rachellou_h

Writing 101 – Day 5 (Friday 11th September 2015) – Let social media inspire you 

I’m not doing today’s assignment because frankly, I haven’t the time nor the inclination. It’s a bad attitude to have perhaps, but *shrug*.

I’ve chosen instead to post a picture of some local graffiti that I love, that I have shared on social media. There is a tenuous link there somewhere and I’m sticking to it.

How bloody good is this piece (above)? Not only it is bold and beautiful, it’s also incorporated the lyrics of one of the greatest songs of the eighties. More than that it just has a lot of heart.

I mean, is the woman biting her fingers out of pure frustration? I’ve certainly been there in the throes of rejection and heartache before. When you just want to hurt yourself to stop the real pain in your heart. To momentarily distract yourself from the biggest, more painful picture.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, after all only the artist’s can possibly know what they’re saying. But that’s the beauty of art, innit? It can be whatever you want it to be and give you whatever you need at the time.

So today I’m not inspired by a quote on Twitter, I am inspired by a real life image from round my way. I think that’s better somehow.

My City: Brighton


You know how I love great graffiti. Luckily, we have some insanely talented local artists whose work pops up regularly and sometimes in the most interesting of places. Seriously, I’ve taken an uncommon turn around a corner and ended up in Wonderland, more than once.

There’s even a piece outside my workplace (left), should I ever feel the need to go and look at something more inspiring than the interior of our run down office block. Which is a lot.

Last week, on our anniversary, we wandered the streets and found some gems. I’m not the greatest photographer but it’s okay as these subjects speak for themselves. I love Brighton for many reasons, the graffiti is one of them.

Check out this AMAZING house in Brighton, recently decorated with the landlord’s blessing.

Featuring the artwork of: @aroe_msk, @gary_msk_ha, @morf_@snub_23, @fatheat, @turkesart and others.


If In Doubt, Pictures

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

I’ve had a blast, eaten my body weight in cake, drank lots, chilled, seen family, met new and old friends, hung out with my favourites, done my nails and generally appreciated the amazing city I live in.

Excuse this rather obnoxious photo gallery!

Hope yours was great too.