Blogtober 2018 – Round Up

Not my finest Blogtober but it wasn’t a complete disaster by any stretch. I managed 28/31 posts and that’s okay with me. I had two Halloween parties and lots of other October engagements, what’s a gal to do?

I do really love writing a post every day though, it really inspires me to think outside the box when it comes to content and the Halloween theme is delightful. I’m already psyched for next year.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Late Night Lady DJ
  2. Autumn Projects
  3. Veronica (Film) Review
  4. America Horror Story Rewatch
  5. Autumn Book Recommendation: The Little Stranger
  6. Autumn Bucket List
  7. 3 Contemporary Horrors
  8. CopenYAYgen
  9. The Scariest Tale of All
  10. Patchwork (Film) Review 
  11. American Horror Story Rewatch: Part 2
  12. Final Girl Friday: Helen Lyle, Candyman (1992)
  13. Autumn TV Recommendation: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell
  14. Horror F(r)iends
  15. The Monday Feeling
  16. Scream Queen Girl Gang (Modern Edition)
  17. Ouija: Origin of Evil (Film) Review
  18. 3 Witchy Horrors
  19. Final Girl Friday: Sara, Creep 2
  20. Autumn TV Recommendation: Haunted
  21. Autumn TV Recommendation: The Haunting of Hill House
  22. Fall Anthems
  23. You Can’t Handle the Tooth
  24. Horror & Anxiety
  25. Spooky Podcasts
  26. Final Girl Friday: Laurie Strode, Rob Zombie’s Halloween I & II
  27. Autumn TV Recommendation: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  28. The Most Assassinated Woman in the World (Film) Review

It’s been real. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Until next time!

31 Horrors

Putzel (64)

Halloween Month is without question the best month. Pumpkins gently fester in every corner as the temperature drops, the leaves get crunchy and then invariably soggy as rain pours down on my crispy Autumn fantasies. I still love every minute though because cardigans, PSLs and horror movies. Ah, the horror movies.

It’s not like I ever need an excuse to indulge my favourite past time but this is the month my viewing can go into overdrive and it’s expected because it’s the Lord’s spookiest month.

I’ve set myself not only a post a day challenge with Blogtober but also the glorious task of viewing 31 Horrors in October. I’d say one a day but that’s not always possible what with having a life and that.

The biggest challenge so far, just four days in, is trying to convince my husband that The Monster Squad might be a good Halloween movie but it doesn’t count as a horror film. Also keeping him engaged in my film choices is a chore. While I would happily watch 10 found footage flicks in a row he has limited interest in that.

So I have a list of titles and the inclination, and that will go a long way to getting me to my end goal of 31 Horrors in October. I have been sharing my picks on social media which is fun as it prompts opinions on the films and leads into what other people are watching themselves, which I love.

Which leads me into the most important question: what are you watching? 🎃🍁🍂🦇

Blogtober 2016


I’m not even sure that, a) Blogtober is even a real thing or b) I can deal with the cutesiness of the word ‘Blogtober’ (too close to the vomit-worthy ‘Vlogging’ for my taste) but.

But I’m all too aware of neglecting my most important creative space for shiny new projects (and procrastination) so thought I would try to blog here every day in the month of October. EEK. I have a few drafts half-finished in my folder and some posts might be more inspiring than others but that’s what I’m aiming for.

Feel free to join me in this if you want to! I know, none of us have much spare time to throw around but I do like the idea of sticking to a plan and I think that might be exactly what I need right now. And if I have a few buddies along for the ride all the better.

So, see you again tomorrow then! This weekend I’ll give you a recap on how badly I did on my Summer reading challenge and more! Expect a Blog Collab movie review on Monday as usual, because that totally counts as a Blogtober post too.

Happy Friday all! ❤

Set Three Goals

tumblr_mmao27cR6N1s9yt1no1_500First things first: let’s set some goals and plan for success. Via The Daily Post’s Blogging 201 program (20th October 2014)

A brief one from me today but I wanted to check in on Blogging 201’s first day and set out my three goals.

This is quite a hard one since I haven’t really thought about what I want to achieve yet, even though I’m over 100 posts in.

Well, beyond:

  • Get discovered and offered my own column in the Telegraph
  • Get paid filthy obscene money for one day’s work every week
  • Work from home blogging in my pants for the rest of my days

You know, realistic things.

I looked over the examples on this prompt and picked out a few I thought I could genuinely achieve. Not very original but there’s plenty of time for that in my writing, right? Right.

  • Create an editorial calendar for the next three months by November 1st. Honestly, I really need to look this up as I like the idea of having a plan, even if it’s not set in stone – but I have no clue how to do it.
  • Start, and maintain, a regular (weekly?) feature. Once I figure out what that will be.
  • Publicise and engage more on social media. And maybe think about gaining more followers.

The last one feels a bit forced since I’m honestly not in it for 1 million new followers. One more meaningful one would be enough.

Anyway, I’m going to go away and think about my new goals and I hope to start implementing them soon. Good luck if you’re doing the 201 as well.

Happy Monday all!