Christa the Great

Hello followers of Christa! I’m Jillian, aka, The Pink Panther Snipes Again. Tonight I’m taking over Christa’s blog. Why, you ask? Because I’m truly terrible at following blog deadlines—this is part of Writing 101 (which ended 2 weeks ago I believe).

Overall, I felt Writing 101 was something of a flop because I didn’t write every day, I didn’t necessarily put a lot of effort into the posts I wrote, and I didn’t even follow half of the damn prompts. However, I did meet some cool bloggers and am FINALLY checking off the box for the prompt involving swapping blogs.

Obviously there was no question my blog swapping partner would be my partner in crime, fellow film critic, and blog wife. You may have noticed me lurking around here all day, every day. But who knows? Maybe you’re some random internet creep who stumbled upon my blog and you have no idea what’s going on. So let’s have a little context then, shall we?

Even though Writing 101 was somewhat disillusioning, Blogging 101 was basically the best blogging decision I’ve ever made as it led me to Christa. I can’t recall if she commented first or if I did, but I do remember reading one of her posts about being a ginger and admitting to my extreme jealousy of her lovely flowing red locks (still am).

Our relationship moved pretty quickly, as it didn’t take long for us to watch and review modern classic Ginger Snaps. You know shit’s getting real when you critique films that use lycanthropy as a metaphor for puberty together. I feel I should also give Hayley of A Stitch to Scratch a little shout-out for fully endorsing the blog collab. She’s definitely blog Maid of Honor—at least.


But let’s take a moment to appreciate Christa, feminist, ginger, writer, and all-around badass. No one else has ever endured so much bad horror with me and been so ready to watch anything and everything. Because of the collab, I’ve watched so many films that are now favorites, like We Are the Best! and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. We’ve also seen absolutely vile things happen in some of the horror films, and watched countless movies that aren’t even close to being good bad—just bad. Yet Christa keeps on with the blog even when I choose an absolutely terrible film or one that just doesn’t sound particularly interesting.

Unrelated, but what am I going to do--NOT include this picture of a cat high-five in this post?
Unrelated, but what am I going to do–NOT include this picture of a cat high-five in this post?

It’s clear I couldn’t ask for a better blogging collaborator, but I also couldn’t ask for a better person and friend. This year has been all over the place for me: when it’s been good, it’s been fantastic, and when it’s been bad, it’s been miserable. I may have had several breakdowns via Google Hangouts, and Christa always says the most perfect thing, usually along the lines of “Fuck ‘em.”

I curse the universe for making us live so far apart, but it could be worse: we could live in different dimensions and never know the other existed (I’m a bit into sci-fi, which is another thing Christa just rolls with b/c she’s cool like that). Someday we will watch Pride & Prejudice & Zombies or something equally bizarre, and we may not even blog about it. We’ll just leave you all wondering.

Oh, who am I kidding? We would blog about it. We would blog the shit out of it.

Here’s to Christa, our mutual appreciation of James McAvoy, tea, books, absolutely psychotic men in films, and fried food.  And to many more collaborative posts!

Images via, which I’m sort of obsessed with now.

If you’re missing Christa too much, you can head over to my blog to see her post!