What I’m Listening To: Podcasts #2


Podcasts, am I right? Where would the waking day be without them?

I’m lucky enough to have a decent bus ride to work these days and that allows me some lovely listening time.

It’s been a little while since I did one of these run downs and when I wrote this I was still a newb to the podcast world. Now it’s my favourite medium and I’m one half of a podcasting duo (whodda thunkit?).

So a year on this is what I’m listening to:


Hello Friend

I mentioned Hello Friend not long ago while talking about a book I’ve been digging (and shamefully am still reading). Hello Friend’s host and creator, Bethany Rutter had on Alice, a bookseller whose book recommendations have so far not let me down.

I follow both Bethany and Alice on Twitter because I have good taste in interesting women, what can I say? And Hello Friend is unmissable because Bethany has interesting friends too, and each episode takes time out to have a leisurely chat with one of them about how they met and whatever topics they fancy. I love the simple idea, the conversations (which can go deep and are often close to my own heart) – and Bethany’s voice.

Definitely in the top three of my faves for listening to on the bus.



This is a truly bizarre and unique story from the makers of Serial, the first podcast I ever listened to. The less you know about it going in the better I think.

Let’s just say, should you choose to have a listen you’ll quickly be sucked into the world of one very intriguing real-life character and one you just couldn’t make up. There’s nowt so queer as folk as they say, and they’d be right.


Made of Human Podcast

Sofie Hagen is a Danish comedian and another cool feminist woman I follow on Twitter (and everywhere possible).

Made of Human is about talking to, again, fun and wise people – and getting their take on life and specifically how to be human. It’s extremely satisfying and helpful to know that you’re not alone when you’ve left the house with your maxi dress back to front and you’re not doing human particularly well yourself.

I highly recommend Sofie’s comedy as well, though I haven’t yet got to see her live. I will change this soon.

Radio Gorepress

Introduced to me by own podcast partner, I really like this because it’s just horror geeks talking about films I’ve watched/would watch with very normal reactions. They could be me and James and that’s comforting somehow.

So far my favourite episodes have been about Lords of Salem and Green Room.

Special Mentions

Shout out to Sword & Scale which still never fails to make my skin crawl and my stomach turn. Honestly, it’s very good about trigger warnings but some of it is haunting. A definite one for murder fans.

My boo Becky recently mentioned a new podcast she’s been listening to called My Favourite Murder so this is now on my playlist. Basically two girls talk about their favourite murders. Becks says it reminds her of me and I think that says a lot…

So, what are you listening to? May I recommend a good one for movie lovers?

Weekly Digest #3

This week, I’m into:


Tatty Devine Name Necklaces

I’ve just ordered my first Tatty Devine Name Necklace (hugely discounted and a happy new job gift to myself) – it says Riot Grrrl*, naturally.

Screw names though – now I want one for absolutely every word I love, like coquettish, undulate and voluptuous. Somebody stop me.

The Poison Tree

I’m only 140 pages in but so far so good. I’ve been hearing about Erin Kelly’s He Said/She Said a lot but it was listening to an episode of Hello Friend featuring Alice Slater that got me to purchase this book. Book Expert (and babe) Alice said this was her favourite and I’m nothing if not suggestible.

So far everything is just hinted at and I haven’t got to the crux of the story but it’s about obsession, friendship and horrible acts. What more do you want?

I follow both Alice and HF’s Bethany on Twitter (go find them) and really recommend the podcast too. (I’m in the middle of a What I’m Listening To post featuring HF so more on that soon).

Spider-man: Homecoming

Hands down the best movie to come out of the Marvel Universe to date. I had doubts but was assured it would have a different tone, something a little John Hughes-like and that was pretty accurate.

No origin this time just a lot of humour, a strong and likeable Spidey and a believable teen experience. Stand outs: Michael Keaton’s Vulture, BFF Ned and a very cool Zendaya. Love love love. So much we’re seeing it again on Sunday.


The Theatre Royal, Brighton

New work invited me to join them on a behind-the-scenes tour of Brighton’s Theatre Royal this week and I can safely it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Not only is the building Grade II listed and breathtakingly beautiful – it’s also rumoured to be haunted by one of its former managers, The Grey Lady.

Backstage we got to hang out in the dressing rooms, where Marlene Fucking Dietrich once prepared for a performance and nose around in all the nooks and crannies. I feel unbelievably lucky to have been part of it. Next time I’m taking my mother.

*Not my real name. Shhhhh!

What are you digging this week?