Giving F**ks and Other Stories


The other day I read a refreshing article about giving a fuck about things. I can’t find it now to reference but the gist of it was, in a world full of people giving zero fucks, wouldn’t it be a good thing if we, the people, gave a bit of a fuck?

I read it and I thought, you know what? I do give a fuck. Most of the time I give too many fucks. I can’t relate to Maria swirling around the Alps showing off how many fucks she doesn’t give AT ALL. I cry and get anxious and stressed because of all the fucks I give.

I wish I was more of a zero fucks diva but it’s just not in my make-up.

I realise that the whole ZF thing isn’t about not caring about people or things, it’s more of an unapologetic attitude and that should be applauded too. Of course. Being who you are and loving yourself and not giving a flying fuck what people think is a good thing. Wearing a pair of trousers that look like pajamas in public and not minding that you’re obviously too fashion forward for your local high street because people are looking* is a great thing. And not entertaining the negative attitudes of others, in anything you care about, is the very best thing, for your own sanity and self-esteem. Fuck them!

But can there be a balance somewhere? It’s okay to not be cool sometimes, isn’t it? To cry in public, laugh until you snort, fall over – to give great big swirling fucks about the future, inequality, puppies, people you really like, bad customer service, rudeness, awful politicians and the current government, alpacas, good grammar and terrible puns? I think so.

We can’t all be hipsters with poker faces, hash tagging #zerofucks over pictures of craft beer on Instagram. Which I guess in itself goes back to giving zero fucks about being cool.

All roads lead to zero fucks and I’m tired now and I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

*True story.

Who Run The World?


Just a quick meme from me today, with a longer post on this topic later in the week.

This, reposted from @huffpostwomen on Instagram, is just perfect and a very good reminder that there’s enough room in the world for us all.

Sure, sometimes we might need to check ourselves, but as women we should be there to big each other up, encourage and support one another, no matter what.

Again, I sometimes need to take a breath and remember this but it’s very important to me that I live by this mantra. We all should.