I’m a sucker for all those pretty typography memes you get on Instagram that incite you to be more positive. Cheesy as these motivators may be, there’s a superstitious part of me that takes them on board and feels better for reading their message.

It’s like when I walk down the street and see a penny on the ground. Failure to pick it up can only result in utter terror and a million years bad luck. Obviously these two things are nothing alike, their only similarity is that I choose to believe in their power.

Lately I’ve been sharing daily mantras that personally speak to me. Like, you’re spot on: I AM THE LIGHT! My feed is better looking suddenly and annoyingly, I never get more ‘likes’ than when I’m channeling somebody elses thoughts and aesthetics.

So I’m thinking of making a few of my own motivational memes. Here are a few prototypes:

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And a tribute to my wonderful mother:

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What do you reckon?