Motivated May

I am hereby renaming this coming month Motivated May and vow to post at least three times a week for the month.

I have so many book reviews and half-completed drafts in my folder that I’d love to finally publish – plus, it won’t hurt me to have a think about the posts I write for a while. Film reviews are great and I love doing them with Jill but I have more in me, I swear.

In other news, I’ve started a film blog over at Thursday Night at the Movies where I talk solely about films I’ve seen in the cinema. It’s going pretty well and encouraging me to go to the theater as much as possible and see things I might not normally. Have a glance, if you’re into it.

So, a busy month ahead, which is good because I’m never happier than when I’m watching movies, blogging and podcasting.

See you soon!

Be Bold


That’s it for the Affirmations for a little while. Hope they’ve brought a little cheer to the table!

I couldn’t resist this one, even if we are peeking into 8the New Year now.

Normal service will now resume at A Voluptuous Mind HQ, expect the weekly Film Collab and other gems (hopefully).

Day 29: Other People

29: Great advice

I found this on Felicity Hayward’s Instagram. For the record she’s a plus size model with style I really admire, you should check her out.

I admire this quote more though. Other people shouldn’t be our concern, just what we’re about. (In terms of comparison, of course).

Going to make this my mantra of 2016.

What’s yours?

Day 20: Anyone Else

20: Your USP is YOU (I’m watching The Apprentice as I type this)

This blog has become a PMA poster gallery for the month of December and I’m okay with that.

I’m a sucker for a little motivation.

Anyway, how cool is this? Nobody else can touch you when it comes to being yourself.

Why try to be anyone or anything else?