Day 19: Nasty Woman

Such a nasty woman ~ Dump

I don’t stand with her any more than I stand with Dump but I sure as fuck love the “Nasty Woman” slogan, adopted positively by the women of the world after the hideous (now) President Elect spat it out at Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate.

It’s such a typical comment aimed at women who stand up for anything and one you hear a version of over and over again, in the workplace, in the home, more times that you could even register – now being a nasty woman is something of a great thing. It means you’re doing something right.

I even heard it at our work’s Christmas party, aimed at a friend who dared to open her mouth to a small-minded child of a man, who had nothing better to do that stir up rubbish. Like being opinionated is a bad thing, negative words such as ‘aggressive’ have to be rolled out to make us question whether we’re in the wrong.

Sticking up for ourselves is not aggressive. What we are is very far from aggressive. However, even if we are, in the heat of the moment, who can blame us? We have to shout so hard to be heard, sometimes it’s the last resort. Sometimes it’s even satisfying.

Woman always used to be called divas, right? Remember all those stories about difficult women in Hollywood, driving their directors to despair because they dared push back? Dared to share their ideas and their concerns?

“Oooh, she’s very difficult”, they would say about women like Madonna, whose only real crime is that she’s direct and one of the most eloquent human beings on the planet. Does she take people’s shit? Probably not ever. Obviously a nasty woman.

So this post is to all the nasty women I know, the powerful, thoughtful, eloquent, angry, gentle, hopeful, wonderful fucking women in my life and out there in the world.

Next time someone tells you you’re nasty or a bitch or a diva for speaking your mind, be proud. Say “Thank you” and move on with your day, don’t let them shut you down. ❤