Clown and Out


Can we talk about clowns for a second? No, not Trump and his supporters but actual, honest to goodness circus clowns.

I mean, what the fucking fuck are the recent sightings all about? After learning about the first US sightings, I went about my day because, in truly human (and selfish) fashion, it wasn’t likely to effect me all the way over here in the UK. Also, the first clown sightings seemed to be chalked up to a publicity stunt (for the remake of Stephen King’s It), stupid yes but at least they had a point.

Then Mr King made it very clear he knew nothing of such a stunt, raised his own concerns over the clown-pocalypse and now here we are. Campuses are being visited by powdery faced freaks, people are going crazy and this hoax has turned violent. The hysteria has spread across the water and now we all have a little something extra to worry about on those cold walks home at night.

Like we aren’t already taking our lives in our hands every time night falls. Someone raised the point that women already have enough to contend with wherever they go, but especially at night, and they’re not fucking wrong. Now there are people out there (money on them all being men) dressing as most people’s worst nightmares just to cause distress. How twisted is that?

I’ve been lucky so far and not seen a single clown but if I do I have no idea how I’ll react. I think I’d be forgiven for punching that fucker straight in the throat though, don’t you? I hope in most cases it isn’t male clowns going out of their way to harass women in the streets, and for the most part is a broader campaign of mischief, but it’s still unacceptable.

Can’t we all just have a nice life without John Wayne Gacy and friends popping up in scare the living bejesus out of us? Nothing good ever came of a clown, I can assure you. (Maybe Freak Show‘s Twisty, I kind of felt for him).

@clownsightings on Twitter is hilarious though.

What are your thoughts on this sinister form of clowning around?

Night Terrors


When you want to post but it’s a slow news week.

Let’s list all the things that keep me awake at night, rendering me a tired and anxious mess by 7am, shall we?

  • Work stuff, usually something I can’t control/is nothing to do with me
  • Taxes
  • Have I been rude to someone? (Not including the over-enthusiastic girl in the co-op who just annoys me so much so I can’t help being really grumpy toward her – my guilty secret.)
  • The annoying, over-enthusiastic girl in the co-op
  • Whether or not to cut my hair
  • Am I having a stroke?
  • Why did I WebMD that pain in my arm?
  • Everybody hates me
  • Why wasn’t I invited to that party?
  • Why don’t I have a ‘squad’?
  • What was that noise?
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Seriously, what was that noise?
  • Am I a good friend?
  • Does Jay Z really love Beyoncé?
  • Why are Twiglets so fucking good but so mucky to eat?
  • Money or lack thereof
  • But Mum said being poor could be a good thing?
  • Can it be a good thing?
  • But I like stuff!
  • Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge and being 2 books behind schedule…
  • Great White Sharks

To name but a short list of an ever undulating list of worries.

Anyone else?