My Weekend in Pictures – March 15

Or rather, my Sunday in pictures. Saturday wasn’t the most photogenic of days, let’s put it that way! Unless you’re interested in the sight of me with a top knot, scrubbing the loo.

A couple of #selfies in there for you as well as some kick ass graffiti and the interior of a great new coffee shop.

I’ve a bit of a headache so I’m going to bed with my book for a bit. These happy pictures will have to represent me today, I’ll offer a better post tomorrow.

I’ve got a couple of mini film reviews to put up later and for once, I’ve actually drawn up a blog schedule, so there’s a lot planned for this week, which is quite exciting for me.

Basically, once I’m shifted this headache, you won’t be able to shut me up. Happy Monday!

Weekend 2: Photography 101

So this weekend I’m supposed to play with light at different times of the day; dawn, the middle of the day, afternoon and dusk. Well, ain’t nobody got time for that, I have things to do and people to see today. And hoovering to do.

However, I have something even better to share, I think.

Last night something made me think of my old Flickr account, so I went looking for it and found all my old pictures! While rummaging through my digital memories, I found an album entitled Scanners (2008). Basically, all I had to create these images was my mother’s scanner, a computer and – voila! – this series of incredibly pretentious shots was birthed.

Aren’t they special?

Now, when I look at these, all I see is a silly girl trapped in a life she didn’t want but the images are kind of great. Yes that’s a banana (and my boobs).

As for the rest of the pictures on Flickr, I’m tempted to delete them all forever. I’m tempted to pretend I was never that stupid hopeful girl; and maintain that I was always this together and flawless. (Insert maniacal laughter here).

Life isn’t like that though, nor should it be. We’ve got to hold on to the memories, no matter how sick they make us feel now. It’s all a matter of comparison, after all.

Have a great weekend, all!


Show us something uncertain, and manipulate light around you to enhance the mood of your image. Via Photography 101: Mystery (13th March 2015)


I didn’t do anything to get today’s shot, I didn’t even get up. I merely snapped a shot from the comfort of my own bed and I was away.

I did use the light from outside to create the illusion of mystery. The road outside our window is always uncertain, sometimes the hum below brings comfort and sometimes, when I’m a stressy bunny, it makes me anxious and I can’t sleep.

Either way, you know not what is out there in the middle of the night.

Happy weekend all!


Today, capture an image of warmth, ideally using the sun as your source. Via Photography 101: Warmth (12th March 2015)

2015-03-02 18.15.28I’m not a sun worshipper. Being a ginger means I have to be careful not to spend too much time under its watchful gaze.

However, I do miss its gentle kiss in the mornings. Now it’s lighter when we wake, I feel like Spring is really around the corner.

Today’s image doesn’t feature the sun, per se, but it wouldn’t have happened without it. Darkness and light and all that.

I like my silhouette in this shot, I call it the ‘accidental Wonder Woman’ but I also remember that the sun was out and on my face and it felt good.

It felt like good things are just around the corner.




For day three, we want to see your interpretation of water — how might your image reveal more about you? Via Photography 101: Water (4th March 2015)

Water is an interesting theme to me as it’s my biggest fear, however, I wanted to stay light today.

Hence this gentle reminder to self to drink more water. (There are two clues to who I am in this post, I’m a big scaredy cat and that I need to keep myself better watered, like a delicate flower).

Thanks to my boo, Tatty for coming outside for the photography session and being down with the whole concept.

Happy snapping, photo fans!

It’s Been Emoji-nal



Last night I dreamt I was the best-selling author of the only Emoji Dictionary. That’s how much of a modern gal I am.

On waking, I was dismayed to realise it was in fact all a fantasy knocked up by my subconscious, but honestly, if there isn’t already such a thing, why can’t I be the one to make it come to fruition?


I bloody love an emoji, or emoticon as some people who aren’t me call it. Why spend an age trying to find the words when a steaming (smiling) pile of shit can do it for me? Love something? Heart eyes! Feeling sick? DEAD FACE. The list of lazy, one image answers to every life question is endless and no, I’m not even sorry about that.

Which is weird as I am not a lover, on the other hand, of the abbreviation. Unless used in the very loosest, ironic sense. Confusing this whole techno no-no, yes-no; I don’t even know malarkey, isn’t it?

Anyway, since it is Sunday and I am kicking my heels until it is time to go to my BFF’s to watch Love Actually, I thought I would share an exert from the soon to be global phenomenon that is the Emojionary. You like?

Here are a few of my favourites (and most used):

persons-0007_largeHeart Eyes – As previously mentioned, this is the “Omigod I LOVE it” shortcut. Designed for fashion items and beauty products of exceptional interest, Heart Eyes is also the best way to make it known that your friends are cute little buggers who are like, totes adorable.

Mr Poo – I hate toilet humour most of the time, certainly of the fecal orpersons-0090_large vomity variety but on a few occasions, there is nothing more poetic than this little guy. He’s so content and comfortable in his own skin (?).

persons-0140_largeNailz did – Well, of course this is overused in my world. In answer to “What are you doing tonight?”, it’s a must. Also to sign off on conversations where you have agreed to do someone’s nails. It’s like a little business stamp, but pretty.

PicMonkey Collage

Autumn Leaves – I just love it when the Season changes from Indian Summer (when we’re lucky) into Autumn. This is when these little scamps come into play. “Would you like to go for an Autumny stroll and then have hot chocolate?” calls for the holy trinity.

0760Kissy Face/Winky Kissy Face – What better way to share your adoration for your loved ones that Kissy Face? Activate the winky one if you’re feeling particularly amorous/cheeky.

Pizza and/or all other fast food related emojis – Hands down myobjects-0182_large favourite emoji action comes from the foodie ones. The fruits are up there with the best of them, as they make a message light up like Carmen Miranda’s g-string; but the burgers and fries and pizzas are truly magical. Usually used to illustrate the perfect Friday night in, these emoji bad boys are probably used with the most relish (Geddit?!).

0740Rictus Grin – For when you suspect you’ve gone too far and have to frantically pull it back. Otherwise known as dressing up an insult/criticism as a joke.

Applause – For when someone has been a clever little sausage, or haspersons-0122_large said something really cool. Though, there is a dark side to the Applause emoji: the slow clap, which is not a compliment and is overused in messages to stupid people. Beware.

True Love Heart – Self-explanatory and reserved only for your verypersons-0180_large bestests.

persons-0136_largePatting Hair Woman – I hear this woman is an Information Desk Clerk of some description, which I don’t see at all. To me she is patting her helmet hair sassily, having just owned someone like a BOSS.

Muscular Arm (which could be a chicken drumstick) – I always feel itpersons-0123_large appropriate to use this when talking about something that means a lot to me. See feminism, gay rights, anything like that. It signifies strength and I like that it isn’t gender specific. It could do with a whopping great tattoo on it though, but that’s my personal preference.

Which leads me into a rant about the emojis we don’t yet have. I mean come on Emoji Makers of the World, really no unicorn?

I propose the following as soon as possible:

Unicorn (as mentioned)
Cup of tea
Tea pot
Beardy man
Tattoo and/or tattooed person
Two hands making the universal heart shape
A finger flipping the bird
A willy (everybody needs a penis every once in a while to convey how their boss is behaving, right?)
A hand holding a cigarette in a cigarette holder (for an old school glamour injection)

Which ones are your favourites? And are there any emojis you’d like to see? Perhaps I can put a word in for you with the EMOTW when I meet them.





My Week Filtered

PicMonkey Collage

This week has been a good one with many highlights. Here are a few of them, from Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

  1. It was pissing down at 9am yesterday but by lunch it looked like this: I like to call this image ‘Narnia after the thaw’. Despite the title of this post #nofilter
  2. The prettiest tree I have ever seen, right in time for the upcoming Christmas period #nofilter
  3. Short classic red nails. This may not seem like a big deal to anybody else but this week I cut my very long nails down to this length and I think they can stay! It feels so fresh, modern and practical
  4. #obsessed 
  5. What’s a lunchtime stroll around the cemetery without a dorky #selfie?
  6. This is one of the coolest charity shop finds I’ve ever unearthed. Love Miranda July, and I bloody love the British Heart Foundation! Saturdays are for the Open Market and charity shop rummaging (except today as I think I may have food poisoning from some dodgy chicken last night)
  7. This happened! I love it so much, it feels like a sexy secret tattoo that in the end only Glynn and I will ever see. My friend Ella has just started tattooing and she’s ace. She does dotwork and it’s so delicate and beautiful. It could become a big problem for my tattoo addiction… #never
  8. This also happened and I adore it! I’ve wanted a paper fortune teller like the ones I made as a kid for a long time, and this is perfect. Also by Ella
  9. Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I’m a bit of a sucker for graffiti. I don’t know quite why this appeals so much, but I like it a lot #brightongraffiti

Happy weekend all!

My Instagram Life: Singing, Ink and So Much Cake

PicMonkey Collage

(From top left to right, by row)

  1. Ate cake ~ this beauty was made to welcome two of the women in our office back from being off for medical reasons. It was good to see them both and it was good to eat cake. Mmmmmm, caaaaaaake!
  2. Got a totes cool bag ~ how do I resist a beard themed cloth bag for all my bits?
  3. My lady jams arrived ~ I found some teenage memories cheap on the internet. These albums formed the soundtrack to my woeful adolescent years and I still love them.
  4. More cake! ~ Honestly, I will never get healthy in my office…
  5. On Wednesday I did a singing lesson and was well chuffed with myself ~ there is nothing, but nothing that feels as good as doing something scary and enjoying it. Honest.
  6. Mr Bee submitted his own ‘unflattering’ #nomakeup selfie on Facebook ~ this is my guy everybody.
  7. I planned my ‘To Read’ list ~ which you will no doubt read more about later.
  8. The first blossom showed itself ~ and made me a little swoony! It doesn’t take much.
  9. The highlight of my week, meet Mr Bee, the worker bee! ~ Got some new ink, didn’t I? A little after work special from a friend, Alex who is very good indeed. And yes, it did sting a bit. BOOM!


Have a good week, all!


My Instagram Life: Sex Addiction, Bar Openings and Puppy Love

This blog isn’t all book reviews you know. Sometimes I get out of the house and spend time with real human people!

I thought it might be nice to start a series called My Instagram Life, since I spend so much time on it. I’m not so sure why this particular app is so much more addictive to me than others, I can only assume it is down to the people I follow who have such picture perfect existences*!

*Yes, I realise any life can look extraordinary with the right filter – even mine!)

This week:

PicMonkey Collage

(From top left to right, by row)

  1. Spent the night with Mr von Trier ~ As you know, I spent much of my night watching a lot of sex on the big screen (and stuffing my face with Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn). I decided to skip the jumbo hot dog… My thoughts on the experience here
  2. Came home to cupcakes ~ My friend Colleen has specially made me red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing as a thank you for getting her a job at my work. No need, but I will always accept such treats; nom!
  3. Went to an opening of new cafe bar, Al CampoMy boss got tickets to the opening of this frankly lush new venue so we went for some free drinks and tapas after work. This place is really cool! It’s huge, everyone is really nice and the food; double nom!
  4. Got F to #selfie with me ~ We’re a relatively new team so this was a nice bonding exercise (The evening, not the selfie)
  5. The details ~ Al Campo has some incredible details but I think my favourite is the painted rings on some of the tables. A thrifty but artistic way to vamp up any old table (or whatever you fancy)
  6. I ate Baba Ganoush ~ Although I knew this was a dish, the name has always stuck in my mind because it’s so delicious to say! I also thought it was a character in Fables, but apparently I was thinking of Baba Yaga. Awkward
  7. B & B met ~ The Little Prince is a little frightened of dogs, especially yappy ones but thankfully Baxter is a dream, so he was able to conquer a bit of fear this weekend. I am so proud of him and is was total cute overload!
  8. A Dog’s Life ~ I am completely in love with Baxter myself. I want one of my own so much
  9. The first sign of sun ~ And it’s time for the obligatory couple shot! I love my man very much, look at him!

So a good week with lots of highs. It’s amazing what good company, food and a little bit of Vitamin D can do!

Are you a prolific picture snapper or do you prefer to be in the moment?