38 Going on 8

You might have been chilling beneath a rock over the last week and missed the latest craze sweeping the nation (and world wide) but chances are you’re bang up to date on what the cool kids are up to.

It’s a pretty bonkers trend tbh, one that my old brain can’t really compute. That doesn’t mean, however that I’m not all in. I am all in.

A conversation at work this week:

Male colleague: Christa, are you going to download Pokémon Go when it’s available?

Me: Probably not. *Scoffs* I mean, I am 38 and I was never into Pokémon, so…

Less than 24 hours later:

Me: OMG!! I caught five on the way to work!!! Obsessed!

All it takes is a cute graphic and an optical illusion to make it appear to be standing in front of you and I’m sold, apparently.

Now my Facebook feed is split again and this time it’s nowt to do with the European Union. It’s mainly grumpy old people not quite on-board the concept of full-grown adults going out of their way to catch monsters all day. They’re of my generation so I get it , I do but man, what the hell’s wrong with a bit of childlike wonderment in these dire times?

It’s pure and simple this poke-concept: get moving and go catch ’em all.

And last night I experienced first hand the greatest perks to downloading this app. First up, we got my step son out of his room and outdoors for over an hour. He would have stayed out longer but as I mentioned, we are old and it was after 9pm (e.g. the witching hour).

Getting him to do something like this is huge. I mean he’s an eleven year old boy with a laptop so grabbing his attention away from Minecraft is an achievement in itself. To get him to willingly go on a walk, especially after dinner, is a miracle.


There were loads of people out and about, going about their business but the unusual thing is that they were talking to each other, and us, as they passed. There were students and kids and adults and a drunk dude and a man in a suit, all acknowledging one another for being a massive dork, just like them. It’s quite beautiful when you think about it.

When B. Bass ran screaming down the road after collecting three Pokéballs from a Poké Stop, everyone standing at the bus stop smiled, most of them knowingly. We might be outdoors immersed in a virtual world but I can’t really see anything wrong with that, not while we need all the positive we can get.

Just as long as we remember to stay alert at all times, am I right?

Are you a Poké-fan? What are your thoughts on this? ❤