Rainbow Time (Film) Review

What do you get when you add a generous dollop of Melanie Lynskey to a Duplass Brothers Productions DISH?


Rainbow Time (2016)

IMDB Synopsis

A developmentally delayed 40-year-old man named Shonzi is sent to live with his brother Todd. But when Shonzi develops a crush on Todd’s new girlfriend Lindsay, he threatens to reveal past secrets that could ultimately tear the couple apart.

“You whistle it, I’ll blow it into this bottle.”

My Review

Shonzi (Linas Phillips) is a 40-year-old man obsessed with The Fonz, big-breasted blonde women and film-making, in no particular order. He is also developmentally challenged which poses various challenges for his loved ones too, and mostly his brother, Todd (Timm Sharp).

After his father suffers a heart attack, Shonzi goes to stay with Todd and his girlfriend Lindsay (our girl) with mixed results. A little background before we get to that though.

Shonzi has an interesting attitude towards women and sex, which sometimes leads him into awkward scenarios. It would be fair to say he has an unhealthy fixation with the ladies, though perhaps unhealthy isn’t the word. It’s more misguided. As we get to know the brothers better, it soon becomes clear that there’s a secret between them, and one that Lindsay might not be overjoyed to discover, if indeed she ever does. Will she? *She finds out, obvs*.

It turns out – SPOILER – that Shonzi likes to watch and Todd hasn’t exactly been shy about keeping his sex life separate from his brother’s curious eyes in the past. So understandably, when he starts to bring his new(ish) love Lindsay around, Shonzi expects things to stay the same.

Who’s got two thumbs and loves Melanie Lynskey? DIS GUY

But things ain’t gonna be the same here, Shonzi because Lindsay is staunchly against pornography and she’s not super chuffed when she finds out (before the Big Secret Reveal) that Shonzi has taken a compromising video of her and Todd together (a swiftly interrupted BJ). Particularly when Todd seems so turned on by the thought of having an audience.

I’m not going to spoiler this too much but I will say that Lindsay is a goddamn saint and I can’t imagine that I would be as patient in the same circumstances. Her well of kindness towards Shonzi appears bottomless and she is a wonderfully engaged, smart and loving person. Todd does not deserve her and actually, I really disliked him. The whole situation left me feeling very uncomfortable, which is how I know this film should have been made.

“Soooo, you doing anything tonight?”

I genuinely struggled with it in places, and it’s hard for me to put my finger on why. Maybe it was the general creepiness of the set up, which believe it or not does come from a good place (honestly, you’ll see). However, there are some incredibly real and interesting themes examined here and I really appreciate that.

Rainbow Time shines a light on disability, familial responsibility, guilt and sexuality, and the fact it makes you (me) feel uncomfortable is probably a good thing. Shonzi has a hyper sexualised view of the opposite sex and finds it very hard to be interested in women who don’t fit his ideal (boy, have I met A LOT of men with the same outlook).

This leads to an agonising exchange (and one of my favourites) between Shonzi and Todd’s neighbour Justine (Artemis Pebdani). Justine seems quite interested in Shonzi despite the blunt delivery of his feelings towards her. I wonder if this will lead anywhere?

I also love the segment in which Lindsay tries to educate Shonzi on catcalling, even taking him out on the streets to gain soundbites from women on their experiences. Shonzi is fully on board how wrong and offensive this practice is, yet finds it hard to reconcile it with some of his own behaviours (telling women they’re pretty, being a little too handsy). It’s very well done.

Later, Shonzi is placed in a situation in which he feels forced to protect a young female family member and the outcome is harsh and also, gave me massive feels. So, despite the fact I didn’t love this film, there are parts that really work.

Still_RainbowTime_758_426_81_s_c1 (1)
“I have the sudden urge to listen to No Scrubs on repeat.”

The question is, how’re things going to turn out for Shonzi, who’s convinced he’ll never have for himself what Todd has with Lindsay? And will the couple even make it through themselves?

Well, guys if you don’t know the drill by now then I don’t think I can help you.

My Rating

2.5/5. Not the greatest execution but I appreciate certain elements. Also, ML is magical, as always.


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