Too Much


Too lazy?

As women we are always told we’re too much of something. Too blokey, too aggressive, too bitchy, too made up – it can be anything but it is always prefixed with ‘too’ like there’s an invisible line on all the things we’re allowed to be so long as we stay successfully behind it. I’m tired.

Me, I am too nervous, too sensitive, too nice (that’s the best one), too loud (did I say these are all subject to featcontradiction?) and too concerned with other people’s opinions. I get too upset when someone says something completely inappropriate and then I am too weak to say anything back (or too shocked). Too cowardly to take it further, too concerned it will be me who comes off worst.

I’m making a stand. I am not too anything. I’m the perfect blend of just right and anyone who thinks otherwise can stick it where the sun don’t shine. I’m not going to spend the rest of my life preoccupied with the opinions of the people that don’t matter.

And before any of “the men” get offended, I know you’re often subject to the same sort of bullshit. But I can bet you’re never too passive or too sensitive. Definitely never too flirty, slutty or stuck up.

So, the question is, what kind of “too” are you? 🙄

Love Day Rant


I hate Valentine’s Day with a passion. A passion I could never muster on the actual day which is ironic really.

There’s no good reason for me to be all bah humbug about it, I just really resent the pressure applied to us all AGAIN to pull fairy dust and rainbows out of our arses to sprinkle all over an otherwise ordinary (usually cold and miserable) February day.

Christmas was five minutes ago, my credit card still has smoke billowing off its surface and people shouldn’t need a card and 100 red roses to feel loved. Plus, it makes perfectly happy people (myself included) start to question their relationships because their partner hasn’t baked them a cheesecake at 7am this morning/been proposed to/had a pizza fashioned into Aphrodite’s face (Goddess of Love, innit).

That said, I did receive a nice card and also read a thread on Twitter (font of all common sense, obvi) that told people off for being bitter about this day and encouraged them to simply look away while the lovers knock themselves out. Which I’m all about so while I silently fume about this highly pressured day, that was clearly designed for new couples and those really hoping to impress a crush, I hope everyone has a very nice day.

Don’t let it make you feel bad, though, please. So you’re not going to the Bahamas tonight on a private jet. So your partner asked you this morning if you wanted to go out for dinner (you have to BOOK in ADVANCE, GLYNN!). So you’re single or you just broke up with someone. So what, really? This day doesn’t really mean anything.

I say treat yo’self! Buy yourself some chocolate (even better it’ll be half price tomorrow), go see a movie, see your Galentine’s or buy yourself this bag (I got similar in bubblegum pink) – and just remember it’s just a day.

It’ll be over tomorrow. ❤ ❤ ❤