Dream Reader

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it. Via The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 program (16th September 2014)

My dream reader is YOU!

My dream reader is anyone who wants to read me! I‘ve never really thought about it before this morning.

Sure, I fantasise about the moment I receive the call from a well-known publication (Elle or Things & Ink magazine for example) and am offered a regular column within their pages. I think that’s a job I’d be really good at you know; regular columnist. Of course, this is just a pipe dream and the reality of it is, I’m happy if one person likes what I say. Even if that one person is my gloriously biased mother.

I must admit that I have received some really nice feedback lately from people I would never have expected would be into my writing; and that feels bloody fantastic. I will never tire of hearing that something I have constructed has touched someone, or made them nod in agreement, or fist pump the air in triumph because they’ve been there too. It’s the best feeling in the world.

So today I’m to write for my dream reader and maybe try something new. I’m useless at that and I don’t think the post I am thinking about is that much of a departure from my usual style but let’s see shall we?

What is bravery?

All too often the word is thrown around like confetti and I wonder is it always valid? I’ve been called brave before, mainly for stepping outside my comfort zone or doing an activity alone. A few months back a couple of middle-aged ladies praised me on my courage in turning up to Zumba class on my own.

You’d think I’d slayed a dragon with my nail file that day and although it’s nice to be commended for anything even slightly out of the ordinary, in that scenario I don’t think I deserved it. I hadn’t even thought twice about going it alone, in fact even though I live with someone, I often do things solo and insist on it being that way.

Bravery to me is far bolder. It’s impulsive, two feet first shit. Clicking your fingers to Destiny Child’s Survivor as you smash life against the odds; being ill and fighting back. Being ill and letting go.

Bravery is dancing to your own beat whatever the rhythm. Picking your life up off the kitchen floor seconds after it’s exploded there and piecing in back together.

Bravery is moving to another country to give another life a chance. Putting yourself out there with new people, fighting against your self-consciousness to make new friends.

Bravery is risking it all for a boy you once knew. It’s trust and hope and faith, in yourself and others. Maybe I am brave after all. Maybe we’re all brave people, making brave choices every single day.

Maybe brave will always be ambiguous; one man’s lion taming is another man’s dining out alone.

That’s it I think. Right there.

She says bravely pressing ‘Publish’ on her imperfect waffle.

What do you think is the definition of bravery, Dream Reader?

NB: The new-to-me element in this post? Picture of two kittens on their smartphones? Does that count?