Weekly Digest #5

I failed miserably at the weekly digests, didn’t I? Well, I’m back now and I’m going to try and stay up to date on them as much as possible.

This is what I’m currently digging:

“‘Sup?” “Not much, you?”

Game of Thrones, Season 7

I’ve been pretty happy with this season so far but there have been criticisms from far and wide, about the show giving in to fans wants (so?) or not being action-packed enough.

If I’m honest, I’m only really in it to see how The Hound ends up. I also care for Brienne, Arya, the Onion Knight and Sam but you know, heads have got to start rolling soon and I’m ready for that too. Still some of the most exciting TV I’ve ever seen.

This Mad Max episode is perfection

Rick & Morty, Season 3

This show is just so good, the movie references are sublime and so far up my street it’s scary. Season 3 opened really strongly but I think it’s the second and third episodes so far that have blown me away, the Mad Max homage in particular.

Boots 4 Lyfe

Cooler Weather

It’s still technically August and ‘Summer’ but you wouldn’t really know it from the cooler evenings drawing in. I swear we had the heating on last week.

I’m enjoying it though, being ginger and therefore not at all built for the hotter days. I’ve been enjoying a lot of layering, and even tights with boots for a couple of days there. Makes me think of my ultimate favourite season, coming soon.


Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land

What goes hand in hand with cooler evenings and cosyness is crime thrillers and I’m currently enjoying this one.

It’s told from the perspective of the teenage daughter of a serial killer mother as she tries desperately to maintain a normal life amid all the media attention surrounding the case.┬áSo far so good.

What are you currently digging?