Blogtober 2018 – Coming Soon!

Since we’re about to enter the best month of all, I’m currently planning my #blogtober2018 posts, as well as this year’s 31 Horrors (see 2017’s here). Even though I’ll be in Copenhagen for a small period at the beginning, I’m aiming to watch a horror movie for every day of October, just like last year. I’ve even got a list pre-prepared, check me out!

Anyway, I aim to fill my Blogtober with all of my favourite spooky things, creepy books, horror films and Autumn flavoured posts – who knows where the month will lead us? All I know is that it’s the best and I can’t wait.

Out the way September…


I’ve had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year so it is officially Autumn and therefore the real New Year.

Fuck January and the blues that subsequently follow the turn of the year. Fuck wet weather and grey days. This is my new beginning, that beautiful crossover, from Summer into burnt and rusty Fall. I’m here for it more than ever.

It’s corresponds perfectly with the start of my new job which admittedly isn’t brain surgery or saving puppies, but it is exactly what I needed to do and I’m feeling much more myself than I have in months. My last new beginning turned out to be miserable and more than that, damaging to both confidence and general well-being and I am so delighted to be free of it now.

I feel positive again and valued, and that in turn makes me want to start creating. I’m dying to get back into writing more, reading more and just being more present in the projects I love – and with people I want to spend time with. I want to do meaningful things, even if they’re just for me.

I want to be me again – and that is what I’ll be focusing on for the rest of the year (like, the official end of the year). I’m going to be kind and generous to myself – start as I mean to go on, basically.

In other news, my new work crew are all lovely and interesting people. I couldn’t be luckier and again, that’s why I wanted to leave my old job in the first place – to meet new people, stretch my wings, learn new things and mix it the fuck up. Now I’m going to enjoy it.

How’s your week so far?

Goodbye Summer

Picture via Unsplash

How quickly we turn our backs on the summer.

As the calendar flips over to September, the dreams of Autumn begin. Talk of Christmas commences. What will we do, where will we be? Halloween goodies manifest themselves beside the mince pies, hoping desperately not to be forgotten. It’s our turn first, they insist as you pass them by.

As if Halloween isn’t the greatest holiday we have. As if Autumn isn’t the best season.

As if I haven’t been counting every day since last Autumn finished waiting for the next, daydreaming about longer sleeves and boots to crunch crispy leaves beneath.

As if I’m not Autumn’s child.

I can’t wait for the temperatures to drop, for BBC dramas to light the darker nights. For blankets and books and the hard ground. Soft jumpers and nests.

I’ve got it all planned out.

I’m done now, Summer. Move along.



Definitely May(be) & My June/July Pledge

Artist’s rendition of what Jill and I will look like hanging out

May looks set to be a very packed month round these parts. I’ve already chalked off my first social engagements (which went swimmingly) and can now start looking forward to the arrival of a very special guest indeed.

Clue: it’s not the Queen of England. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more exciting than that!

I’m thinking you’ll get a lot of social media updates about the penultimate week in May when Jillian and I are finally together so maybe we’ll get creative on that front and wow you with something different. Or maybe we’ll just eat lots, go and see lots, and watch lots. That’s more likely tbh.

I can’t say much other than I’m really starting to get excited about the whole visit. Although, not so excited about the extensive Spring cleaning I will have to do before our home is fit for guests (You’re worth it Jill).

I’d also like to take a moment in this post to lay down my pledge for the next few upcoming months (if it’s in writing I have to do it right?):

From the 1st of June to the 31st July 2016 I, Christa Bass, will not shop

Since that is rather a bold statement, I will elaborate below.

During the month of June and July 2016:

  • I cannot buy: shoes, clothing, accessories or books
  • I may only buy essentials which include: my base make-up items, shampoo/conditioner, moisturiser and nail polish remover*
  • I can buy gifts for other people but only if required/authorised by my credit card holder (which will be Glynn, who I have chosen as he’s closest)
  • I will remove my credit card details from all my most visited shopping sites which is pretty much just ASOS
  • I will use put money I would ordinarily spend onto my credit card and then into our savings account
  • I am allowed to have my hair and nails done because that comes out of the well-being budget (LOL, loopholes!)
  • Instead of spending money during these months, I will read books from my To Read pile, blog and go to the gym at least 3 times a week

Now I don’t think any of you realise what a profound effect this will have on my day-to-day life as I am such a prolific shopper. Like, I have a very real addiction and I want to try to shake it. I shop alllllll the time and have a package delivered to work nearly every day (if not multiple packages).

I send back a lot of things which is great practice but I do get a big kick out of the initial purchase and receiving of items, which makes me think I need to find another outlet. I don’t know what that outlet is but I’m going to try and find out. I’m hoping it will be working out (for the endorphins not weight loss, yo) and blogging more.

So there you are. An exciting month coming up, with two months of sensible behaviour to follow. I think that’s a good balance.

Until then, my friends, it’s business as usual on the blog and in my life. We’ve had some sad news on G’s side of the family which means we’ll be travelling up north in the next week or so but apart from that, same old.

What are you most looking forward to in May/the Summer? ❤

*Includes female products, cotton wool, etc of course but who wants to list every little thing?

Day 25: It’s Christmas!!

25: Deck the boughs, baby!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

Let’s take a moment to spare a thought for all those no longer with us on this traditionally happy day, and to all those that don’t have as much as we do.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2016!

Christmas Eve EVE

tumblr_nzm0c0H3DB1t3r740o1_500Or Happy Last Day of Work as I’m choosing to call it. I’ve got that Last Day of Term feeling, even though my Last Day of School was a hundred years ago and I can barely remember it.

I’m sure it involved a shell suit and bitchy comments from one of the Mean Girls, though.

Anywhoo, it’s also Christmas Eve Eve (as my Husband likes to holler, early in the morning) and I’m already slightly stressed out about the day, even though there is no pressure on me whatsoever. I think it’s just the natural state of things.

All presents are wrapped and placed beneath the tree, the turkey is taking up half our freezer space and I’ve even remembered to buy honey for the carrots (actually a lie, but it’s on the list). I’ve got this.

But still, worry worry worry. Maybe it’s the thought of all the cleaning I have to do before my mother arrives.

This post isn’t about complaining though or talking about how we have to fit a new toilet seat before tomorrow, in fact it’s about this year and all the fucking fabulous things I’m grateful for.

And I am grateful. I have a very nice life, full of love and brilliant people, what more could I want? ASOS packages come and go but these are the things that really matter when it comes down to it. These are the people you call when you’re anxious, the people who carry things for you when you can’t walk another step (Glynn and the Christmas Vegetables*).

These are the people who are there all year round in their little (and large) ways, making life worth living.

I am grateful for:

  • The aforementioned people in my life. My fit husband who is genuinely the kindest hearted human being I’ve ever met (with the cutest bum). My lovely Mum, who is just fabulous inside and out. My stinky brother and his divine wife, Maddy. My friends; my beloved Panda, the perfect Tatty (who gets me through each working day in one piece). Lovely Lauren, Beautiful Becky, Vegan Monkey. My work colleagues, my wonderful Blog buddies and every person I’ve shared an alcoholic beverage with this year.
  • My Job. Even though I suffer daily doubt about my job, I feel as though this year I’ve proven I’m not just the goofball who turns up every day but somebody to take note of. I’ve also received a couple of pay rises which is both flattering and surprising (and no, I’m not rich yet). Sometimes I just feel grateful for having a job at all and not having to work weekends.
  • Nip+Fab’s Dragon’s Blood Fix Cleansing Pads. These have made my skin look incredible! Anything that can do that is invaluable to me, I look very fresh-faced and wholesome RN, if I say it myself.
  • Jillian & Christa’s Great Blog Collab 2015. I’ve mentioned how much this means to me before but I still feel it warrants another mention because I love doing it so much! It’s opened my mind to a whole world of sometimes horrific movies, made me think more about what I love and brought me closer to one of the best people on this planet. ❤
  • My Step Son. Could have gone in the top section but I feel like he deserves a spot of his own, because what a kid. I know I won’t be having my own children ever but when people assume I’m a hardhearted cow with no soul, I want to tell them to fuck off because I actually do love a very cool child thankyouverymuch! Sure, he can be a know-it-all but who wasn’t at 11? And sure, we get the best of him mostly because he doesn’t live with us but he really is a funny, smart and shining little star.
  • My favourite local graffiti artist started following me on Instagram. Yes, I am a massive art nerd but I’m basically a Fan Girl for people with immense talent and this guy is amazing. And he seems lovely too, so win win. And yes, I’m still too shy to say anything when I see him in the street but you never know, maybe now he’ll approach me (lol).
  • Social Media. Just for connecting me to what’s going on out there. The news all over the world, of course, but mainly other people and their great attitudes, particularly to world issues, body image and fat acceptance. Yes, FAT.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Obvs. I’ll still walking on air having seen it.

So that’s a little insight into what’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy this festive season. I wish it was colder to be honest so I could snuggle up more guilt-free but I suppose I should just be happy that snow won’t stop all transport for the next few days and fuck up everybody’s plans.

Since I probably won’t be blogging in any significant way now before Christmas Day (bar December Affirmations, which I’ve queued up until after Boxing Day), I will wish all you lovely people a very Merry Christmas now!

I hope it’s a cosy, warm and loving Christmas for you all, and a big thank you for reading, liking and commenting throughout 2015. It’s fun to converse with new people, old friends and everyone in between.

So, before I go: What are you grateful for this year?

*There’s a cool band name for you!

Galentine’s Day


I’d set out to write a damning post about Valentine’s Day today, poo pooing anything remotely heart shaped, made of chocolate or encased in red foil. I’ve changed my mind about that, having read a few lovely blog posts sharing intimate and heart warming stories of love and commitment. It’s given me the adjustment that I needed, and yes I really am that fickle.

You see, I love romance and love. I live for it. Nothing makes me happier than people falling in love and expressing that love in whichever way they see fit (within reason, obvs). Give me a grand, romantic gesture any day of the week.

I’m lucky to have a loved one of my own and to be part of a partnership that feels like it was meant to be. It’s no exaggeration to say that I feel like all my wishes came true the day I met Mr Bass.

Yet despite this, Valentine’s day just doesn’t do it for me. I always end up deflated as the 14th draws to a close and I know it’s because I’ve bought into the hype. I’ve got carried away in a frenzy of heart shaped paraphernalia; allowed it to turn my head and make me expect things I don’t even want or need.

Who run the world?
Who run the world?

I’m lucky in love every day so one set date to show and receive love is just not necessary, in my eyes. If I was single I’m sure I’d still be hopeful but I’d feel the same; it’s a Hallmark holiday designed purely to get the cash registers kerching-ing (BAH HUMBUG).

Still, every year as I watch the girls in the office be bombarded with bouquets and shiny things, or get whipped off on boutique hotel breaks in the country, I start to wish for those things myself. When I don’t get the same, I feel let down. Which is rude, ungrateful and frankly pathetic, especially when I’ve specifically said, “Don’t get me anything”.

But since I am going back and forth on this, I have to consider, is it really such a bad thing to encourage people to share their feelings ? I suppose not.

Anyway, in the spirit (and my original theme) of hating VD (the day, not the disease), I decided to stop myself being disappointed this year by spreading love, instead of expecting it. Inspired by my heroine, Leslie Knope of Parks & Rec and her Galentine’s concept, I sent all my best (UK) girls some love, reminding them of why I love them. Which I do, very much and all in different ways.

(Non-UK babes, I’m afraid I didn’t organise myself in time, but this is a new tradition so expect mail in February 2016).

So, today officially it’s Galentine’s Day and I’m all about the ladies.

All my beautiful ladies: I heart you long time. From the bottom of my grumpy heart.

All images via Google.

Resolutions 2014 Edition

Last year my husband gave up bacon for the whole of 2014.f84e130c78900d51ab2a28ba32acbbef

As I write this, he hasn’t broken this vow once and although his resolution has been a hard one to stick to, especially at sociable breakfast times, he has chosen to hold fast.

This year, for him, it is a toss-up between giving up Facebook or beer.

I think I’m going to take a leaf out of his book in 2015 and quit chocolate. Seems legit, no? Who needs it really? And there are plenty of sweet treats a girl can turn to if she needs one.

On top of that I’ve been thinking of what I can do this year by way of resolutions and I’ve come up with this:

  • Move whenever I can (which I already try to do)
  • Stop putting myself down
  • Stop being angry at things I can’t change
  • Stop spending so much on useless toot
  • Write like nobody’s reading (I’m going to write more candidly from now on, so hold onto your hats!)

Not so bad, is it? Not so very difficult. Stop gorging myself on the food of the Gods, move my arse, write and be a nicer person.

Done, done and done.

I can’t find the link to last year’s resolutions but I’m going to take a wild stab at the conclusion that I didn’t achieve many of them.

I did take singing lessons (briefly), become more active and took up hula hooping, so it wasn’t a complete bust. I’ve made some amazing friends, been to nice places and genuinely, honestly, I love my life.

I’m also at a place where I feel strong and hopeful. I feel good about what I have and anything more I gain on top of that will only enhance the feeling. I’m so well-loved that there isn’t anything I can’t do if I want to.

I might come back to this before the year fades out, but for now I’m happy with my small list.

What are your thoughts on the dreaded New Year’s Resolution?

Autumn Baby

I’m an Autumn baby, baby.tumblr_mu5l73pd3z1qzpegpo2_500

Born on the 25th November, technically I was born just after my favourite season, but I refuse to accept I am anything other than a child of Autumn, or The Fall as my Canadian buddies would say.

What’s to love about the season that follows directly after our (usually quite disappointing) Summer? Only everything!

Something within me starts to stir the moment that cool breeze starts to drift through my bedroom window. I keep it open so I can feel Autumn’s kiss on my skin, so I can embrace my cool pillow; and every dive below the covers feels like Heaven.

Summer is oppressive to me, clings to the flesh like something grubby and yes, it’s nice when people are smiley and half-dressed but it’s not for me, that heat, that humid prison. I like the rain and I like it when the temperature drops, before it gets too agonisingly cold and the gloves have to come out.

Autumn represents freedom to me, and takes me right back to my year alone in Vancouver; making new friends, carving pumpkins for the first time, being at one with myself. Although that year I had been wild throughout the Summer, Autumn was mine to actually work through my issues. Make do and mend.

I was lonely at times but it was a good kind of companionship; I fell in love with my own strengths, put my weaknesses to bed. I accepted that I would be the one to make my decisions now and I made good ones. I took risks, I trusted – and those decisions lead me here.

But Autumn is the whole package. Everything about it is magical; the change to the scenery, the low golden light and darker nights; it feels like home. It feels like my fresh start, my Spring.

This year I am looking forward to boots and scarves, early Pumpkin Spice lattes, cinnamon and blankets. I’m looking forward to the smell of the park as I walk around it, maybe even run. I’m looking forward to the crunch underneath my feet and to the gorgeous auburn leaves.

Hurry on up Autumn, I’m waiting for you.