Ta Ta For Now, Emily Gilmore

Bottoms Up, Bitches

I watched the last episode of Gilmore Girls last night and it went exactly as you’d expect. Me sobbing into my tea while my husband mocked me. But I’m not sorry at all to have formed such an attachment to some of the show’s key characters.


An attachment to Emily and Richard, to Lane Kim and Paris Geller. To Miss Patty and Babette. I’m into Lorelai perhaps because I identify with that need to wisecrack at all times, though mine is bourne of awkwardness.

Even “Is he/Isn’t he hot?” Luke Danes, the schmuck who just wants Lorelai to be happy and in the end, was she?

Let’s just say I was satisfied with who said and did what, who didn’t end up together, the choices these people made.

I agree with what my friend Meghan says here, Lane deserved better but in the end, she was happy and rebelling in her own sweet way, so I’m not even that mad. I’m kind of pissed that Sookie got knocked up again because Jackson lied about his vasectomy, I’d have cut off his junk and fed it to Paul Anka.

I was sad to see Logan go (though was Boring Rory ever going to make any other choice than the one she did?) and ecstatic for Paris, my second favourite character in the whole outfit. She’s so difficult and relentless but she’s loved and loves back. It’s a beautiful thing.

Don’t be fooled, she’s a monster. And she’s fabulous!

Sadly, Taylor wasn’t hung out in the square to be pecked to death by crows, as he would have been if I’d written GG. Kirk‘s final big stunt, the Blaine-esque art installation killed me. All in all, I’m happy.

I am also bereft because now what do I do with my time and energy? Is there another show that will warm my cockles in the same way? Freaks & Geeks has just made its way onto Netflix and that could do in a pinch, but it’s only 18 episodes.

But you know what, don’t worry about me. I’ll find something else to bring me the comfort Gilmore Girls has. To make me shout at the screen in fury, cry when one of the pricklier characters gives an uncharacteristic speech to their daughter. To invest so much in another will they/won’t they/why the fuck is she doing that? I’ll let you know when I find it.

Of course there is a silver lining and that’s the prospect of four brand new Gilmore episodes coming in November. On my birthday, no less. I know darling Richard won’t be there (RIP Edward Herrmann) but I cannot fucking wait to see what became of the rest of them.

My hopes as follows:

  • Lorelai and Luke are still together
  • Emily is still caustic as fuck and possibly even remarried but to an equal, no wet blanket for old Em
  • Maybe even someone without money would be good for her
  • Lane’s dumped the zero (Zack) and got with the heroes (Pussy Riot). Kids are on tour with mama, obvs
  • Rory’s finally become interesting
  • Babette and Miss Patty are now in a romantic relationship with each other
  • Taylor’s been run out of town by the residents of Stars Hollow, I don’t care how or why, just begone you horrible old fool!
  • Lulu‘s ditched Kirk, the ungrateful toad

What shall I watch next then, eh? ❤