Tangerine (Film) Review

This week’s film has been on both our lists for a while. Filmed entirely on a freaking iPhone, it’s bloody remarkable if you ask me, with a bleeding heart beating within.

However, I did watch without subtitles so I feel as though I may have missed a substantial chunk of dialogue between Razmik the taxi driver (Karren Karagulian) and his family. Oopsy.


Tangerine (2015)

IMDB Synopsis

A working girl tears through Tinseltown on Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart.

“Please, please give me the biggest bit.”

My Review

Sex worker Sin-dee Rella (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) is fresh out of clink for a drug-related misdemeanor and seems elated to be back in the company of her home girl Alexandra (Mya Taylor).

Over an iced ring in the local Donut Time, she’s about to reveal some exciting personal news when her BFF accidentally reveals that Sin-dee’s boyfriend (and pimp) Chester has been stepping out on her while she’s been inside.

What’s more, Alex reveals he’s been doing it with a local working girl whose name begins with a ‘D’. With not much more than that to go on, Sin-dee goes ballistic and thus begins a whirl wind day in the life of a woman scorned. Alexandra in contrast is the voice of reason, begging Sin-dee not to bring the drama. I think you can guess that our heroine isn’t the passive type.

Alongside the misadventures of Sin-dee and Alex, we follow cab driver Razmik as he goes about his daily business. His story soon intertwines with Alex’s (and then some) plus we also meet his family, waiting for him patiently at home on this eventful Christmas Eve.

Sin-dee did not get the ‘No Drama’ memo

Sin-dee is on a mission to find her love rival, D and eventually, through the power of intimidation and elimination, manages to track her down. D is Dinah (Mickey O’Hagan) and I definitely wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.

Dragged kicking and screaming from one end of town to the other in search of Cheating Chester (James Ransone), Dinah claims she doesn’t know what the hell is going on. On the way the women stop off to support Alexandra while she sings in a bar and narrowly miss Razmik, who has abandoned his domestic duties to pursue Sin-dee, on whom he has a crush.

During this respite from Sin-dee’s errand, the enemies almost bond, though it’s a flimsy connection. Meanwhile, it turns out that Alexandra has paid for the privilege of performing her set to a handful of people. Her only true and genuine fan is Sin-dee who backs her all the way.

The girls eventually run into Chester who reacts as perhaps you’d expect a pimp to react (is that fair?). He explains that he and Sin-dee are actually engaged to be married. Turns out he proposed just before she got locked up, after taking the rap for his crime. Yep, now I don’t feel so guilty for pigeon-holing this pimp.

While the two lovebirds work towards resolving their differences right there in Donut Time, Razmik is followed by his pissed off mother-in-law who busts him trying to score with Sin-dee and then, in desperation, Dinah. She’s soon followed by Razmik’s wife and young child. There’s really no easy way to talk your way out of a situation like this but Razmik tries. Though as mentioned, I couldn’t follow most of it. There’s a lot of shouting and things don’t well, which is the gist.

Sin-dee also learns something telling about Alexandra in the fracas that threatens to completely derail their rock solid friendship, but I’ll let you unravel that one for yourselves.

What time is it?

Tangerine is a gem. It’s a touching tale of love and loss but above all, friendship and support and I really enjoyed myself. None of the woman have it easy and this paints a bleak picture of life for working girls in this neighbourhood. It’s comforting to know that at the least, these women have each other. When shit hits the fan and all hope looks lost, sometimes all you can count on is your girl, even if she’s done something really shitty.

It’s witty too, with some hilarious dialogue and side characters. Some of Razmik’s passengers are a true pleasure to meet, even for the few moments they’re on-screen. As for the way it looks, well that’s better in some shots than many movies shot on gargantuan budgets.

Definitely check this out if you get the chance, that’s my advice!

My Rating

4/5. Fun & fierce. One for drama lovers.

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