LA by Night: The Informers Review

Bret Easton Eliis book covers

I have read lots of Bret Easton Ellis and enjoyed him. I know what to expect from his detached writing style, his nihilistic characters, his familiar yet alien settings. The Informers is not surprising in any way. The sex and violence are just the little flourishing kiss marks you would expect Ellis to sign off with.

There were elements though of this book that made me feel very tired. The complete lack of hope for one, coursing through most of the stories. The tale of jaded rock star, Bryan Metro particularly. You’ll be horrified by his actions, though not surprised and that’s how the book tends to make you feel. Like you should feel more, that your reactions to the horror unfolding before your eyes should be stronger. But they’re not.theinformers

Set in the eighties, if you were a child growing up in this era like I was, you will love all the references to times gone by. You’ll look upon the lost (and found again) fashions with fondness. You won’t like anybody. You’ll be ready for rehab by the second story and like me, you’ll flip each page and be surprised your fingers don’t come away coated in coke.

It’s a bloody good read but it isn’t for the fainthearted. There’s a story in there about an unspeakably bad act committed to a child which almost halted proceedings for me. Then I remembered that scene in American Psycho and it doesn’t even compare (rats, prostitutes, standard).

The next book I’m going to read is about love. Suffering and sacrifice, sure – but no drugs.

Incidentally, Lunar Park has been my favourite BEE so far. Check it out if you’re after something that will mess with your mind and leave you in pieces behind the sofa!

Book details:

  • The Informers
  • Publisher: Picador (1994)
  • ASIN: B00KQJ7B66
  • Bought paperback (secondhand)

What’s In The Baaaaaag?

Here are Voluptuous HQ, I love a What’s In My Bag post. By nature I might be the nosiest person I know, so any excuse to have a little dig around and get inside the mind of people I like is fine by me.

I love to know who’s reading what, who has funny little talismans protecting their keys; which lip gloss they use.

It makes sense then to do one of my own, in the hope that some of my great blogging friends will follow suit (please!).

I took these pictures in a friend’s garden the other night as the light was pretty perfect and as I started to arrange my toot I realised, there have been more interesting Bag Days to be honest.

Still, here we go:


This bag is about three years old from ASOS. I paid about £85 for it which at the time seemed reasonable but now seems a little frivolous. Still, it is a piece of arm candy I will never tire of and will last a long time so all guilt it cancelled out.

But what’s in it, you say?


Stuff. Lots of stuff.


iPod, wallet, diary, keys, comb, change purse, phone charger, make-up bag, book, deodorant – nothing at all untoward.


Who better to serve justice to anybody who tries to steal my keys than Bat Girl? I used to have Wonder Woman but she went on an adventure without me. The heart padlock is from Tiger and I just thought it was cute.

Yes, I carry a shower comb in my purse. You try controlling this mass without one! Blue and white wallet is from Peacocks.


I love this watermelon purse from ASOS and couldn’t resist it. Watermelon is hands down my favourite print this Summer. I carry a change purse because I like to save it all up and spend it on nail polish.


I’m currently reading The Informers by Brett Easton Ellis. I’m a big fan of his style and  am looking forward to getting stuck into this novel. If I’m honest, I’m not even sure what it’s about yet, so I’ll just enjoy the ride.

My charger is of course the most important thing in my life. Deodorant and diary are self-explanatory.

So there you go. An insight into the things I drag around with me on the day-to-day. I should really have gone through my make up bag with you too but that’s mainly black kohl and a crusty old mascara.

Now, what’s in your bag?!