A Visit in Pictures

PicMonkey Collage

As you know, Jill visited me this week and we did shit loads of sightseeing around Brighton together.

I’ve been particularly lazy this weekend as we’ve been on the go (G and I) since last Sunday, so I haven’t blogged much (that will change though, have no fear). Have some pictures instead.

Sorry if you follow me on social media and have seen all these already.

From L-R, Top – Bottom:

  1. Some cool graff I saw near the Open Market
  2. Chilling at Presuming Eds
  3. More graff on Presuming Eds’ garden terrace
  4. The Dolphins fountain at Brighton Square
  5. An art installation in the Brighton Pavilion Gardens
  6. We saw this which culminated in an impressive light show projected onto the front of the Pavilion that night (couldn’t get an amazing shot)
  7. Chilling at the end of a very nice day…
  8. A delish coffee meringue with coffee cream at The Mock Turtle. Yumma
  9. Cute flowers outside L’Occitane
  10. Chilling at the Rock Garden after a visit to Preston Park Manor for the Folklore, Magic and Mysteries exhibit
  11. Breakfast at my very favourite haunt, LangeLees. Genuinely the best pancakes ever
  12. Couldn’t resist a #selfie in the gorgeous afternoon light
  13. Brighton Pier, baby
  14. Always spying street art, this one is apt for an over-apologiser like me
  15. Blog wives ❤ (Miss her already)
  16. The Doughnut on Brighton Beach

It’s been an amazing week off and I’m sort of dreading going back to work tomorrow, even though I secretly enjoy a bit of routine. Plus I get to see my friends.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the wonderful weather, wherever you are ❤

Notes on a Weekend Visit

1Much as sometimes it knocks my nose out of joint, I pretty much always come around to my mother’s way of thinking. I spoke to her at the weekend about a situation that had wounded me greatly and she listened and, at the end, simply said “You’re too sensitive”.

I didn’t like it very much. In a way it makes me feel like a child again to be told I’m overacting but sure enough, as my outrage dissolved, I realised that she was right.

It is frightening and also comforting to know that even though you believe you are a complex soul, and maybe you are, there are people around who know you as well as you know yourself. If not better as they get a load of you after you’ve been alone, wrestling with your issues for way too long.

So, thanks to PM, the woman who bore me, I have calmed down on the petty freeze out I had planned and I’ve forgiven the person who wronged me. Just like that.

Who needs God when you have the Wisest Woman in the Western World on speed dial (when she remembers to keep her phone on)?