The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

WLW-GirlPower_D8FA-gp2_4So, influenced by the babes I work with, I have decided to take up running, as a means to get fit but also to change things up. Mentally, physically and spiritually.


I’ve never really run before, barely even for the bus and my favourite thing to say is: “I’ll never run, unless someone is chasing me”.

I don’t know if my decision to do this is absolutely crazy or not, but I’ve spoken to a few people about it (because I have to talk about things a lot before I actually do them) and it seems that quite a few of my friends are secret runners.

I have always fancied the idea of it myself, and the image of me running into the middle distance with my ponytail flapping, M.I.A coaxing me on is a gorgeous one. I like it.

Perhaps running will become my thing. Perhaps all my worries will melt away once I start.

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Perhaps I will hate every minute of it and want to give up. I don’t want to though, I need an outlet and a place to think.

I need a place to practice my singing.

With that in mind, I’ve been taking care of the most important thing of all; The Running Playlist. Have no fear I shall be sharing more on this series as I continue my running journey.

Are you wondering why I’m not out running yet; choosing to just talk about it for now? I’m waiting for my good pair of trainers to arrive!

Do you run? Do you have any beginners tips for me? I am an open book!


2 thoughts on “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

  1. I can’t run but I really want to start too as a cheap and (relatively) easy way to keep fit, and a way to get myself out of these four walls! However, it’s not like I’ve never tried running before — I can only run for a few minutes before I feel out of breath and lose the will to continue! My friend has encouraged me to try the walk-run program (or the run-walk program?), where you walk for say, 3 mins, then run for 2, and then build up from there so you gradually run longer than you walk and then run for longer and longer stretches. I too am waiting on trainers before I try it! x


  2. I think the walk-run method is the one I’ll choose. Well to be fair, there won’t be any other option for me! I am excited to get started. I think it’s fab you’re looking to do it too. Let’s face it, your backdrop will be slightly more spectacular than mine! Let’s keep in touch about this and see how we progress. I am looking to start mid week next week. Love you x


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