Ten What Ifs and a Masterplan

I woke up like this

Imagine this crazy idea:

What if from this moment on I rejected fear?

What if I heard my own voice echoed back to me as I talked and thought, yeah she knows what she’s about. And so, I started talking louder and without hesitation.

What if I trusted my own opinions and when presenting them I thought, this is an amazing idea, who wouldn’t be into it?

What if I didn’t worry so much about who liked me and thought not, I wonder if she likes me instead, Do I like her?

What if I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflective surface and thought, she looks good. And so, I held my head higher?

What if I forgot to refer to myself as the fat one, the old one; THE FRUMPY ONE, and believed I was just as precious as every one of my friends?

What if I stopped wondering, am I’m pretty or ugly, instead I realised my worth regardless of the answer?

And what if, when someone complimented I didn’t counter it with an argument; instead I just said, simply, thank you?

What if I stopped talking about my dreams and picked one to follow; stopped planning to write and just wrote?

What if I stopped thinking, what if and lived my life instead?

What a crazy world that would be.

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