Happy Happy Fatty Talk

I was going to use an anonymous babe to represent this post and then I thought, nah, I’ll use the last picture taken of me that made me feel good. How effing cute is this? I love it, and it’s a FULL BODY shot which I don’t usually allow. Victory.

I know I bang on a lot about positive thinking and not bowing down to the exhausting demands of beauty advertising etc, but right now I am having a crisis of confidence all round.

Call it summer in general and my inability to be able to find the kick ass Summer wardrobe of my dreams, call it the first year ever that I seem to be suffering from allergies (or as us English people call it, ‘hay fever’); I don’t know. All I do know is I am not feeling it and something must be done.

It’s #avoluptuouslove emergency!

It could be all this beach body nonsense and all the blatant fat shaming (of selves and others) that flows across the internet. I spend a large part of my life beating myself up about being the size I am but things are changing for me and I hope a lot of women who don’t fit the industry ‘ideal’. This is because there are more and more visible, fucking fabulous plus-size bloggers out there*, with attitudes that just make sense.

We’re not lesser individuals, we’re not unattractive – there is a place for every single one of us, no matter what size, colour or level of beauty. We have the right to exist alongside our slimmer friends.

Plus, have you seen the array of fashion available to us fatties? ASOS Curve, New Look, Missguided, Boohoo; these are my lifelines, my Wonderland. I’ll do some fashion wish lists from all of those sites shortly, although New Look: it’s not cool that you’ve closed down most of the in-store plus-size sections, you know that, right?

So I am working on myself, on finding my personal ‘happy’. It definitely isn’t about being thin, since I haven’t been that since I was twelve. I love my body for the most part, it’s strong and delicious – but I know I need to swap the sofa and Netflix for a walk every now and again. And it’s not just about fat, it’s about healthy skin, accepting that I’m not 21, making friends with my 37 year old face.

This might sound like a whingey post, and for that I am sorry. I’m cool with who I am. I just want to feel better; and so I’m going to work on that this Summer. It will be a more fulfilling project than finding the perfect flat sandals, probably.

Incidentally, is this the Great British Summer now? (One day of sun and counting)

*Browse my Reading List above for some great plus-size bloggers (and more!)

6 thoughts on “Happy Happy Fatty Talk

  1. I love you and you’re gorgeous and I respect you for wanting to feel better.
    Ugh, I just started exercising for the first time…mmmmmmmm, probably ever.
    I’m trying to convince myself it’s for my health, but mostly I’ve noticed some of my dress pants getting tighter and shopping for business casual clothes is my own personal hell.
    So I’ve been walk/jogging and it’s torture. WHERE’S MY RUNNER’S HIGH??? I WAS PROMISED A RUNNER’S HIGH.
    I’m hoping 3-D printed clothes become a thing really soon so I can stop all of this nonsense.

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  2. This is such a great post Christa, you’re so strong and delicious and that’s what makes you so inspiring. I don’t appreciate your writing as much (work probably doesn’t help) But I do love the way you write, you’re amazing and beautiful always ❤

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  3. I do, I want to FEEL better. Right now I am wearing control pants that reach just under my boobs and have squeezed all my fat out of the leg holes, making me look even lumpier than before! This is not making me feel better at all. Shall I go to the bathroom at work and take them off? UGH. It’s about everything though, skin, knees, getting older. Let’s start a feeling better campaign!

    You, my love, are gorgeous too and I think you’re the cat’s meow. I think your high is coming. It’s right behind you, in fact. Just keep running and I think it’ll catch you up.

    Big love, my love xo

    Ps. 3D printed clothes? I would just make costumes all day! Where do I sign up? xoxo


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