International Women’s Day 2017

This last week has been vicious. I’ll go into it more some time but the short story is: my mother-in-law passed away last week, suddenly. She was 56 which is no age at all and it fucking sucks. It sucks all the sweaty balls in the world.

It sucks that I’ll never see her again, that she’ll never give me another anecdote for the file, that we’ll never talk about her past or how she should write it all down. We’ll never have words again or slag anyone off together. She’ll never press a crisp twenty into my palm and tell me to get us a takeaway on the way home.

And it sucks most of all that it hurts the person I love the most, and that I can’t do anything to take it away.

So, I’m dedicating my annual International Women’s Day post to Gina first, a woman who took no shit ever, who’ll inspire me from now on to care just that little bit less about what people think – and to live my life with gusto. And, of course, to the rest of the amazing women in this world. I would be an empty husk of dusty air without you – and I will fight, every day as much as can for each of you.

To the women I know, to the ones I admire – to all the women and the riot grrrls out there – the loud ones, the quiets ones, the ones in between – I bloody love you all.

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Fight the fucking power! ❤

4 thoughts on “International Women’s Day 2017

  1. Hugs to you, and be well. I hope things get better and you find a way to write those stories for her that you know, since she cannot do it herself now. Sounds like she was a great person to know, certainly one to get along with and be able to talk to.

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  2. So sorry about G’s and your loss, that seriously fucking sucks. Hope you are both getting on okay. Thoughts with you (and little Mr Bass too, losing a grandparent so young is tough). She sounds like one hell of a woman to have known.

    International Women’s Day had me thinking of you – you always inspire me to try and be the best feminist that I can be, thank you 🙂 xoxo

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    1. Oh HM! This is the nicest message ever. You’re so amazing, and that’s a good thing to be associated with!

      Yes, she was a character alright and will leave a massive hole in all our lives. We’re okay, getting through it as best we can but my god, isn’t grief a bastard?! Makes you take restock of everything, even when you don’t want to! Lots of love and thanks for the gorgeous message xoxo


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