31 Horrors

Putzel (64)

Halloween Month is without question the best month. Pumpkins gently fester in every corner as the temperature drops, the leaves get crunchy and then invariably soggy as rain pours down on my crispy Autumn fantasies. I still love every minute though because cardigans, PSLs and horror movies. Ah, the horror movies.

It’s not like I ever need an excuse to indulge my favourite past time but this is the month my viewing can go into overdrive and it’s expected because it’s the Lord’s spookiest month.

I’ve set myself not only a post a day challenge with Blogtober but also the glorious task of viewing 31 Horrors in October. I’d say one a day but that’s not always possible what with having a life and that.

The biggest challenge so far, just four days in, is trying to convince my husband that The Monster Squad might be a good Halloween movie but it doesn’t count as a horror film. Also keeping him engaged in my film choices is a chore. While I would happily watch 10 found footage flicks in a row he has limited interest in that.

So I have a list of titles and the inclination, and that will go a long way to getting me to my end goal of 31 Horrors in October. I have been sharing my picks on social media which is fun as it prompts opinions on the films and leads into what other people are watching themselves, which I love.

Which leads me into the most important question: what are you watching? 🎃🍁🍂🦇

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